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  1. Personally, I think it comes down to pixels. With a digital print there's always a "wall" you hit where the image runs out of depth but not with film. It's my belief that the computer-generated pixel retains a digital uniformity that silver nitrate crystals don't have. I think film forces me to be more thoughtful and considerate about the image I'm going to take whereas digital can encourage a more scattered, hope-for-the-best approach.
  2. ms.lau

    A Leica Day

    ........overlooking the phrases 'hardened pro' AND 'gentleman amateur', bill, i think it's a great idea and, fortunately, i will be in new zealand, with my camera and lots of film........... looking forward to it laura
  3. well, judging by the last example it certainly looks to me like a problem with the processing. good luck, and how annoying!!
  4. i love tri-x. i've been using fuji for transparencies but wanna try ektachrome, which i used to use but haven't for quite some time.... laura
  5. my local professional lab report a recent increase in fim. my printer reports an increase in work.... most jobs i do clients hassle me for the prints, but i like the PROCESS... they just have to wait. it's good for them! fast food or a slow-cooked casserole? i know which i prefer
  6. hi everyone, thanks for the advice. glad i'm not the only one, noriko - hi. steve, it's kind of you to offer to look after my lux but then how would i take photos? the modified plastic bag sounds like a good option - i was in wales visiting a protest site a couple of weeks ago but didn't dare even take the camera out of the car it was so wet! laura
  7. hi everybody, i'm just starting out with an R4 + 1.4/80. i love using it but worry about damaging it through use in bad weather - is this something to worry about? any advice on care of equipment whilst on a rainy/snowy mountain/cliff? also, are there any other women on the forum? no offence, guys, just interested to know whether i'm the only one....!
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