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  1. Frankly, I never use that payment method with B&H anyway. All my Leica gear comes from Leica Store Miami (no tax) or I snag the VAT refund from an EU dealer when I’m there.
  2. I literally just put a lens in my cart at B&H and it showed the Payboo no tax promotion.
  3. Nah, I’m gonna go ahead and stay pissed a while longer.
  4. I don’t even have mine yet and I’m already pissed😁
  5. Beats me, if a full reset doesn’t fix it then I’d send it back…and be pissed!
  6. Not my camera, I was responding to Meisyong.
  7. Maybe I’m confused. Why would the camera go into a prolonged exposure and dark frame at start up without activating the shutter just because of ISO setting?
  8. I feel bad for you. It’s gotta be disheartening and pretty much sucks!
  9. The internal memory may not have been formatted.
  10. This isn’t really the venue to discuss the matter nor my knowledge of the particulars. Suffice to say, Leica didn’t get hurt over the WTO decision but consumers sure got bent over.
  11. Those tariffs were lifted in March 2021 yet Leica raised their prices on April 1. Moreover, US retailers had already increased prices on German optical imports to reflect the tariff increase. Even after the tariffs were rescinded retailers did not return to previous pricing and Leica added the aforementioned increase. The result was a win for Leica and retailers…not so much for consumers.
  12. I can also confirm it’s not true; at least not with the current firmware. I use a TT Artisan adapter and it works fine. As beewee stated, just choose the closest similar lens profile in the menu. You won’t have issues with IBIS nor Auto ISO.
  13. Personally, I never rely on auto WB for accuracy. Not one of my cameras will pick the same color temperature on the exact same scene.
  14. Do a full reset and update to firmware 4.1 and see what happens.
  15. Steve Huff’s YT videos…my dad used to occasionally mention the virtues of mammaries on male swine.
  16. Start here: All you need is a M to L adapter.
  17. You’re doing it wrong. I divorced mine for: A. Not showing more affection to a camera. B. Not buying enough Leica AG products.
  18. I feel like I may have to just suffer through it 😁
  19. Beats me…I’m a little skeptical about the pricing rumors. There’s often a disparagement between EU and US prices.
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