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  1. I’m relieved to know some people have the sense to swerve at the last moment instead of staying on the GAS.
  2. I’m stumped then. My SL2-S is right on the money every time. I only use M glass now with the Leica adapter though. I suppose you could try a known value like a grey card and see if it changes anything and monitor the histogram.
  3. I’ve had Enhanced Live View cause some random weirdness sometimes…might check that; it’s a shot in the dark though 😁
  4. So, 3 more after the 1st of the month should help even more? For the $1968 a piece that I paid I’m all in.
  5. Perhaps you should seek out a better class of friends.
  6. Personally, Leica’s future development provides no instructive signal to my artistic plans and satisfaction…I bought a new CL today.
  7. There's no reason Leica would know the codes since the battery is manufactured by Panasonic Energy Wuxi Co LTD. Here's their contact information, a direct enquiry might produce the answer: 40 Changjiang Road Wuxi New District Wuxi, 214028 China PHONE 86-510-8521-2221
  8. This video will help explain the constraints of the Q/Q2 ISO and shutter speed algorithms
  9. I’d bring a Q2 and 9.5lbs of coat.
  10. Yes, with the lens in manual focus set the AF Mode to “Multi-Field”. No brackets.
  11. Not familiar with that particular lens but Voigtlander has kept me from looking very far away from their products lately.
  12. SL2-S with the new Voigtlander 28mm f2 II Type I and a 50mm f1.5 II. Outstanding lenses and about as light as you’re gonna get.
  13. I’d tell everyone it was a battle scar from being grazed by a flaming lava boulder at La Palma.
  14. Maybe he’s busy traveling the world taking photographs and teaching photography.
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