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  1. Taken in Slovenia in the small coast city Piran. Taken with Leica M8 and Summilux 35/1.4 ASPH. Regards to all M8 users!!! Jaka
  2. I upgraded my early M8 to 2.024 in order to have possibility for camera to recognise new lens. After upgrade, the files are not written to SD card anymore. I tried different cards with no success. I will try to downgrade to 2.014, wrote personal mail to the colleague dg2mst, but wanted to ask, if somebody knows, if there will be solution from Leica for the bug in 2.024?.I did not find any info on leica.de site. Thx. Jaka
  3. I am back from Russian Far-East, Kamtschatka, land of Vulcanoes, where I did join group on Heliskiing. As always there is a compromise what camera to bring with and carry during long runs, where factors as safety, speed, balance, comfort are playing important role. In 2007 I brought my D2xs, last year M8 with Summicrons (28 and 75). D2Xs was too heavy, on M8 I did miss the zoom (time consuming changing of lenses on steep slopes) and it did not fit into jacket pocket. I always needed to put it to ABS backpack, it means factor of speed and safety was overruled. This year I took Leica Dlux-4, it
  4. My SB-800 Nikon works well with M8, no adapter needed. Jaka
  5. Thanks for the comparison test you made and results. Although Andy claims that those are two completely different cameras and this is true the result is important. I also did compare M8 with my D3 in order to see if M8 can deliver the same stunning results and in which circumstances. The result is that I take 75 % of my shots with my M8. High ISO I do with D3 and Zeiss and sports with D3 and Nikon tele lenses. Whenever new camera is out we will see such comparisons and according to my opinion it is good that this appears on Leica forum. Sigma DP-1 and canon were also compared here. Regar
  6. !!!Great idea with the light from the mobile phone. Herewith one with M8 + 35 Lux, 1/30 s, Moika Channel and "Spas na krovi" in St Petersburg (Leningrad) in Russia. Russian tscar Alexander II was killed on 1st of March 1881 on the place and the church was built afterwards. Jaka
  7. I would also go with 28 cron for single go around lens, 80 % of my shots are made with it. Jaka
  8. Dear Alexander, sent you an E-Mail with some Nikon lenses available. Regards, Jaka
  9. I found this problem too with my new firmware (07), till now it happened once after 4 days and around 500 shots. Still testing. Jaka
  10. Hi Guy, I am one of those who went through backfocusing problems at all apertures with my first 35 Lux. Leica Solms suggested me to send it back with M8 body and all the lenses, although 28 Cron, 50 Lux and 75 Cron are spot on when I am accurate with focus. I went to the shop, tested new one, which is spot on wide open, has slight backfocus between f2.8 --> 5.6 and again excellent from f8 on. I simply love this lens, especially wide open and I am using it 70 % of the time. Have fun with it, Jaka
  11. Shootist, I have the same problem with zooming of pic's but found the reason. You can not zoom the last picture till it is written to the card (you see the red led flashing on the back of the camera). This takes longer, 2-5 sec especially if you shoot DNG + JPG fine. Jaka
  12. I do not have 2.8/24 but using 2/28 and 1.4/35. 2/28 is much sharper. I have it for 1 week, using it almost all the time. Pic was made wide open. Jaka
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