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  1. "Hero", Baltimore. M10 Classic, 50 lux ASPH with ND filter. http://www.thetwofacesofrichard.com
  2. Not too much to add. I have used M's professionally for years, 4-2's, 6's 8's and now a 10. Some of my most popular/circulated pro work was surprisingly taken on the M8 with circa 1970's version glass. On jobs where I would take the nikon system and the leica system and shoot both, I would notice a slight preference - but not overwhelmingly so - by clients toward the leica work. Probably, statistically insignificant. I do however ALWAYS take a back-up. For the sheer pleasure of making images, whether to sell or simply add to my collection - I invariably reach for the leica. A tool - but my fav
  3. M10 Classic, 35 Cron Vlll. https://www.instagram.com/focofotographic/
  4. Snow Ghosts - M10 Classic, 35 Cron Vlll. https://www.instagram.com/focofotographic/
  5. "Sunrise, Atlantic" - M10 Classic, 35 Summicron vlll https://www.instagram.com/focofotographic/
  6. M10 classic, 35Cron Vlll. Great Falls after the rain. https://www.instagram.com/focofotographic/ https://www.thetwofacesofrichard.com/
  7. Hi Jono: simply could not resist this one...and I always thoroughly enjoy your thoughtful comments and beautiful images. My M8 classic :)
  8. M8, 35 cron vlll. After using the M10 and getting "spoiled" by the high ISO options, I still appreciate the CCD renderings of the old - and still very reliable M8. All comments welcome.
  9. M10, 21 Elmarit. All comments welcome. https://www.instagram.com/focofotographic/
  10. M10, 35 Cron lll. Where has this shell driven, what miles has it traversed? What memories were crafted in this forgotten frame - what words uttered that are now just whispers on long diminished winds? Can photographs be the time machine of our minds?
  11. I greatly appreciate all the input on my OP. Given that Ken Hansen's family has continued the business, verified this week by email with them, I will continue my acquisitions (when I need to) through them. Yet, it is good to know that the ebay site maintained by Rangefinder HK is supported by a quality business. It does raise the issue of additional taxes if imported / shipped to the USA. If anyone knows the answer to that... Thanks all. Coos
  12. Nice image...and yes, interesting subject indeed.
  13. I am considering a purchase but unsure how reliable they are or are not? Any experiences? I always dealt with the late Ken Hansen, alas... Thanks all. Coos
  14. Fashionably new normal...
  15. Last night at Black Lives Matter Place, across from the White House. Voices still unheard...
  16. D_W_Wolves - Thank you.
  17. Stuart, Thank you. And yes, sad and sweet for so many reasons.
  18. Brent, Michael - thank you both.
  19. Before Covid. We were both having lunch...I was privileged to sit inside. He was not. In this time of rage, food for thought. All comments welcome. http://www.focophoto.com
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