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  1. "Hero", Baltimore. M10 Classic, 50 lux ASPH with ND filter. http://www.thetwofacesofrichard.com
  2. Not too much to add. I have used M's professionally for years, 4-2's, 6's 8's and now a 10. Some of my most popular/circulated pro work was surprisingly taken on the M8 with circa 1970's version glass. On jobs where I would take the nikon system and the leica system and shoot both, I would notice a slight preference - but not overwhelmingly so - by clients toward the leica work. Probably, statistically insignificant. I do however ALWAYS take a back-up. For the sheer pleasure of making images, whether to sell or simply add to my collection - I invariably reach for the leica. A tool - but my favorite tool in the shed
  3. M10 Classic, 35 Cron Vlll. https://www.instagram.com/focofotographic/
  4. Snow Ghosts - M10 Classic, 35 Cron Vlll. https://www.instagram.com/focofotographic/
  5. "Sunrise, Atlantic" - M10 Classic, 35 Summicron vlll https://www.instagram.com/focofotographic/
  6. M10 classic, 35Cron Vlll. Great Falls after the rain. https://www.instagram.com/focofotographic/ https://www.thetwofacesofrichard.com/
  7. Hi Jono: simply could not resist this one...and I always thoroughly enjoy your thoughtful comments and beautiful images. My M8 classic :)
  8. M8, 35 cron vlll. After using the M10 and getting "spoiled" by the high ISO options, I still appreciate the CCD renderings of the old - and still very reliable M8. All comments welcome.
  9. M10, 21 Elmarit. All comments welcome. https://www.instagram.com/focofotographic/
  10. M10, 35 Cron lll. Where has this shell driven, what miles has it traversed? What memories were crafted in this forgotten frame - what words uttered that are now just whispers on long diminished winds? Can photographs be the time machine of our minds?
  11. I greatly appreciate all the input on my OP. Given that Ken Hansen's family has continued the business, verified this week by email with them, I will continue my acquisitions (when I need to) through them. Yet, it is good to know that the ebay site maintained by Rangefinder HK is supported by a quality business. It does raise the issue of additional taxes if imported / shipped to the USA. If anyone knows the answer to that... Thanks all. Coos
  12. Nice image...and yes, interesting subject indeed.
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