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  1. photophile

    Dual Camera Harness for M10

    I have carried / still carry my M's ( M4-2, M6, M8 and M10) using only a single side ring - not the tripod thread. I just use some mountain climbing webbing ( 1" ) sown together at the ends to make a continuous loop (worn bandolier style) and a double sided slide to adjust the length as needed. I used to worry that the pin might break or come loose. 15 years later...never an issue and I am an active documentary shooter who uses the camera as a daily tool. The camera hangs , when not in use, from the ring which slides easily up when needed. The webbing does not need to slide as the ring slides on the webbing. This way, a second camera is easily hung from the other shoulder and there is enough play that they do not cross. Both are rapidly, securely and easily accessible. And...it remains comfortable for hours. ( My face transplant project was a 36 hour long shoot - yes, non-stop - and the strap(s) as described worked perfectly. I used multiple leica M's and a Nikon D3s for the project - two crossed loop leicas at all times and a standard neck strapped nikon). For what its worth... There are other solutions of course. www.thetwofacesofrichard.com
  2. photophile

    Two on a Bicycle

    And one more - slower shutter speed. Grab shot. Not perfect...but I think it works. Would like genuine critique on this one of possible. Thanks. C
  3. photophile

    Two on a Bicycle

    Amsterdam, M10 - ISO 12500, 35 cron circa 1977 - pan shot. All comments welcome. Thanks. Coos www.focophoto.com www.thetwofacesofrichard.com
  4. that's quite a "look"...:)
  5. photophile

    Some fresh air

    excellent image. best, C
  6. photophile


    Well done. Congratulations.
  7. photophile

    Street portrait

    another fine example of your most enjoyable "signature" series. your camera has an eye, Louis :). best, C
  8. photophile

    Everyone needs a hat...

    Allan, Graham, Ray, Stuart, Robert and Stefan: Thank you all for the feedback and kind comments.
  9. photophile


    great image...great timing.
  10. photophile

    Everyone needs a hat...

    or this one...?
  11. photophile

    Everyone needs a hat...

    Baltimore Streets - M10, 35 cron, circa 1977 wide open. All comments welcome - Thanks. Best, Coos www.thetwofacesofrichard.com
  12. photophile

    Hi There!

    Jaap - perfect capture. Best, Coos
  13. photophile

    Wisconsin Farmer

    The essence of Kchrome - beautifully rendered. Great image. Best, Coos
  14. photophile

    Going With The Flow

  15. photophile

    Red couple

    Louis: Color, composition and subject are spot on. I find the rendering of the clouds however, odd. I shoot with the 85 nikkor 1.4 ( on the nikons ) and have seen similar "bokeh" issues wide open when the light hits just right (wrong). [ that said, its a FABULOUS portrait lens when the background is not complicated]. Interesting seeing the same issue on the CL in the 1.8 version. Best, Coos