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  1. Thank you all for the great feedback. I also sent my question to Leica AG Customer Care and just received the following response: "In the Auto Scene Mode the camera works full automatic. Aperture, Shutter, Speed and ISO is selected by camera and you can’t change it. Exposure compensation is a “creative tool”. You can brighten or darken the picture as you like. For this reason, the function is active." That certainly makes it clear to me that this is a distinct shooting mode in addition to P A S M and explains why AUTO is displayed on the screen in place of P A S or M. And I agree
  2. Thank you David, I agree. That is exactly the way it is on the Panasonic IA mode as well, it only affects the JPG not the raw image. But I confess, it's been a handy way to get a fleeting image opportunity on occasion. I keep both of my cameras in either Program or Aperture priority by default, because I've found that even in the hurried moments I can still get a good or better image to work with. I was hoping someone might know why Leica bothered to add the Auto scene mode, if it was exactly the same as Program? The only description in the TL2 manual is: "Scene modes...The Leica TL
  3. Because I came from the Panasonic with a Leica Lens world and my other camera is a Panasonic LX100m2 (twin of the Leica D-Lux-7) I was stunned when I discovered the Auto Scene Mode on my TL2!!! At first I thought it might be the analog to the IA (Intelligent Auto) mode button on the LX100m2 & D-Lux-7 but it is not quite, in that it doesn't seem to have the automatic scene recognition feature of the IA mode. Since it doesn't and the TL2 manual says almost nothing about it, I wonder why it is there as an alternative to the PASM modes?????
  4. Hi, I've come over recently from Micro 4/3 Panasonics usually with Leica lenses to the TL2 and now have all three vario lenses and a fast 30mm Sigma. I am very happy with the quality of the photos and rely mainly on the 18-56mm on the street. I also have the Variflex finder but have seldom needed it so far. Probably because I came from the Pany I went with the TL2 over the CL2 because of the USB charging and file transfers. I also really like the menu system and fewer physical controls. This shot is a crop from the original with the 18-56mm, I had to shoot quickly before the girls got shy
  5. Excellent, I missed that date for a long time which I spent on trying to research serial numbers until I bought the new black body and saw it. I agree the time difference on downloading and charging are not significant. I was shooting micro 4/3 Panasonic Lumix cameras, often with Panasonic - Leica lenses for a long time. Now that I found the TL2 I am smitten with the quality of the photos and the craftsmanship in the design. My next mystery is decoding the first two digits of the serial number? Here is a shot of a little souvenir I found. Notice that the edges are not beveled like the TL
  6. I found the date of manufacture on the on a label affixed to the inspection and packaging certificate which was in the box. The label had the Verk. Nr. and the Fabr.Nr. which I believe are the work order number and the production serial number. Fabr.Nr. was the same as the serial number on the camera body but with a leading 0. On the far right end of the label was the stamped date. The serial number and the date seem to coincide with the previous number sequencing I've researched in the past. The certificate also contains the signature confirming that the camera body was meticulously inspe
  7. I recently purchased a new TL2 Black body. I already have a TL2 Silver body but want to be less obtrusive in my street shooting. I have all the TL Vario lenses and one fast Sigma 30mm. They are all fantastic and I can't be more pleased. I discovered what appears to be "performance upgrades" in my new black body. My silver body was manufactured in 2017 and my black body was manufactured in August of 2019. Although both are running the version 5 firmware I have observed and tested two "features" being significantly different. One, the speed of file downloads over the USB Cable with all el
  8. Hi just a comment. I recently bought a new open box TL2. Still had the film on the screen. And a few days ago I got a sigma 45mm. Everything works once I found the correct combination of settings. So in my short time with this very fine camera I don't find anything to update?? Having been in the software world for over 50 years, I do agree with he comment about the need or lack of need for updates. They are an indication of the effectiveness of the quality process... The only discrepancy I've found so far is the manual not keeping up to date with the changes in the screen Tiles like th
  9. Hi, just got a Sigma 45mm F2.8 DG DN for my recently acquired TL2. I already have a 18-54mm and an 11-23mm. It's been a long time since I've had what is essentially a prime to shoot with. Having only used tele lenses on my Panasonic G9. The Sigma 45mm is a terrific lens, the angle of view is perfect for me, mostly street shooting. The images so far are very clear and crisp. All the features AF, MF, and manual aperture as well as camera driven aperture work fine. The AF is a bit slow on its own but responds quickly to a half shutter press. Thanks for all the great feedback here, it wa
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