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  1. I sprung for two extra batteries also. I do NOT like getting caught without a charged battery!
  2. I recently bought a 3D printed case for my Q2M on Etsy that has a place already printed into the case for the Air Tag. I intend to use it when traveling.
  3. It sure sounds like you got a great deal...I would have jumped on it as well! Happy shooting!
  4. I got one for my Q2M and TOTALLY agree...I even took off the tether since it's close to impossible for it to fall off. Plus, for the Q2M, it gives another level of anonymity, as it does not have the Leica name on the cap.
  5. I currently have a Fuji X100F that I plan to take along with my Q2M when traveling. I think that is a great option, as the Fuji X100 series is awesome for the price and allows you to take excellent travel and landscape images. I have used my Fuji exclusively on recent trips, and I am now looking forward to adding my Q2M to my travel kit.
  6. I filled out my request the day I received my Q2M and received the printed manual about a week later. I, too, prefer the printed manual...good luck getting yours!
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