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  1. It is always fun to spend other peoples money, if only in our minds, but really; "price not a big deal"! Then why don't you just buy whatever appeals to you, according to your lack of requirements - any M camera would do, and sell it if it wasn't what you expected?
  2. Value: https://collectiblend.com/Cameras/Leitz/M4-black-paint.html It is truly special to own AND use a black paint M camera IMO. If you don't feel the same way, you may as well sell it and buy what you really want. If you choose to sell it, you shouldn't touch anything and let the buyer decide on a possible restoration path.
  3. When you move along the periphery of what was documented, you will never find 100% certainty. The important thing is that you are convinced it is real, others are entitled to their doubts. It is probably a good idea to hold on to your findings in case you should ever want to sell it again, as a prospective buyer would also need to be convinced just like you had to be.
  4. With all due respect, I think the "Leica" part of this effort is close to irrelevant when it comes to identifying locations. I would probably look for online communities which shares an interest in the subject matter, rather what camera was used. With that said, I once found a folder of circa 100 negatives taken shortly after WW1 with (presumably) a Kodak Vest Pocket camera. I tried to reach out to a few communities as well, but the greatest help I got was from reverse Google Image search combined with Google Street View. Basically; crop to a significant part of the image and d
  5. Even a clean Summar will not do well contre jour. Leica made that ungainly dedicated hood for a reason. I asked a similar question a few month ago, which you may want to look at:
  6. We all know that Ernst Leitz were ahead of their time.
  7. They knew that Laika was a dog's name in the Sovjet Union😉
  8. Some people just have to make a dramatic exit. The poster is alive and kicking in other forums, so no harm done😉
  9. It is really the greatest news for rangefinder photographers in ages. I felt bad that their first attempt almost drowned in the Internet nay-sayer chorus, so I am super happy that they survived to make an improved version. Just because it is not made with me in mind, does not mean that they are trying to personally insult me. Live and let live. I really hope this will be a great success for them so we see future updates.
  10. Just to align your expectations with reality. The cheapest of the Barnack Leicas will normally need some love from a tech before they are satisfying to use. Even when you buy from a dealer with a warranty, it doesn't mean the range- and viewfinder will be bright at contrasty. The same may be said of the lenses in the lowest price segment; they probably have some degree of haze which will affect contrast. I am not familiar with the UK market, but would imagine you could find an Elmar 50/3.5 for around £200 - I would look for a coated version.
  11. Making sure to change lenses in subdued light (under a coat or inside a bag etc) will also help do avoid it. On my M2 the issue was only visible in conjunction with the change of lenses.
  12. There's probably some truth to that. 10 years ago I bought a MDa that had been heavily used for commercial microscope work - I have never seen a mount worn as much as on that camera. Yet it had the original L seal and worked flawlessly. I can't say the same about my other M cameras which have mostly seen light amateur usage, they don't seem to spin unless they get a trip to the spa every 10 year or so.
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