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  1. Hi I still can get my sl2s to work with my drop art splash kit it will not fire the shutter ,but I can fire shutter with a cheap cable remote.I have tried 2 pole fron unit to 4 pole in camera nothing ,but my Nikon works what ever pole cable I use .frustrating any ideas thanks again paul
  2. Hi I have a Sl2s and been using a remote lead to fire Camera.and all ok .But when connected to my Drop art control box the Camera will not fire the shutter .all that happens is the rear scream flashes.so I get the opinion that this unit is not compatible with the Leica.but cable connection is same as my hand remote that works 🤔And this unit works with cano and Nikon without a problem.any suggestions thanks Paul
  3. Hi Leica flash sf 60 or Sf64 very expensive. I use Nikon sb700 on my sl2s .it will work on top but not if you use a lead . But will work with a two receiver and transmitter system paul
  4. Hi am new to Leica and have tried multi shot but can’t find the files that I shot .do you know what settings I need and do the files come up as 8 dng or one file thanks again paul
  5. Nash


    Hi does anyone know if there is new firmware for Leica sl2s I’m still on 1.o on camera and lens ,looked online it says that new update in the spring,but I m sure some people have it already 🥶
  6. Hi I’m having problems with focus on my sigma 105mm lens it was fine until I press AFL button have reset camera and tried different positions of focus switch but all that happens is hunting all the time unless within 8 in of subjects.have spoken to Sigma and they say they think it is a Camera problem I can’t test as do not have any automatic focus lens 🤭
  7. Nash

    Sl2s flash

    Hi no it flickers when I have a flash on hot shoe Nikon sb -700 is it possible to connect a lead into sl2 and then In to flash . I did try this with a sb 700 but nothing happens.seems like Leica don’t like flash units of other brands 🥶
  8. Nash

    Sl2s flash

    Thanks but should screen flicker when a flash is connected
  9. Hi does anyone know if it ok for rear screen to flicker when flash is attached
  10. It happens when I’m in Aperture mode and I think manually, I would like it to maybe change shutter speed or aperture ,any thing but change the exposure comp + — thanks had camera 2 weeks
  11. Hi I getting so annoyed every time I use the SL2s I turN 🥶the front dial some how as I newbie to Leica and change the exposure by x Mount of stops this happens all the time with out me knowing tried to change it but could not find any where in menu that enables this ,any ideas please thanks again PAUL
  12. Hi does anyone know how I can use a Nikon fb-700 from on top of hot shoe or from flash port hole , Ihave tried it on top and nothing the connection look same as Leica ,🤭Also tried plugging a lead in the side to side of flash but Nothing . will I have to get a studio Srobe and if so how would I sync that any HELP 🤭🤔
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