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  1. Such behavior would be illogical, because camera does not know what “your compensation” means with Auto ISO…:)
  2. Have you set the settings for both cameras to default ones before your comparison test?
  3. Pressing halfway you lock both AF and exposure
  4. Yes, exposure lock works exactly as you described.
  5. Be sure, that you have DNG files in your camera
  6. The firmware 3.1 is located here It is last item in the list.
  7. You are right. “Compensation” means correction of exposure settings which camera “decided” are correct. In fully manual mode there is not “camera chosen settings”, all exposure settings are yourth...so, there is nothing to “compensate”.
  8. Nope... Look at the closest car toning (with and without IR-flter)
  9. Switch on your flash manually using camera menu.
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