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  1. Thank you so much! Now I can use the field setting for focussing without my big nose upsetting things 🙂 It's nice that Leica listen to their customers.
  2. I agree as I also have to use my left eye. I have sent Leica a firmware request to fix this one. I just stick to spot AF or MF for now. Charlie
  3. Thanks for that Leica Guy. I get that, but the shape of the indicator reflects the option chosen for AF which is irrelevant and may be misleading. Mode Indicator shown in MF Multifield - no indicator at all. Spot - cross hairs. Field - whatever size field selected in AF. Track - double rectangle as for track AF. Face detect - medium field rectangle. And if no magnification is shown the indicator is still there although it serves no purpose at all. I would prefer a different indicato
  4. I wonder why, when in manual focus mode, the AF mode (spot, field etc.) is still indicated on the screen until the focus ring is turned. Surely it would be better to not display the irrelevant AF mode at all when the focus ring is not locked into AF. If nothing else it would be a reminder that manual focussing is required. Charlie
  5. Don't forget that if you damage the lens in any way you can't just replace the lens on a Q camera.
  6. A 'feature' of V3.0 firmware where accidental touching of the screen(e.g. by your nose) prompts you to change the field size; see comments in this this thread Leica have been notified by several users now and we've been told that they are thinking about it..... I just stick to point focus for now as it drives me mad. Charlie
  7. People mentioned an Aussie YT video. I, as a fellow new owner, found it useful as a gentle introduction to the Q2 menu setup. The link is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H67i83BbO0Q&t=334s Charlie
  8. I have just downloaded and installed the latest DNG Converter and it works beautifully for DXO. Thanks very much for that tip. I assume that there's no loss of image quality (I can't see any).
  9. I have just received my beautiful new Q2 which already had V3.0 firmware installed. Went out today for my first real trial and, using my left eye for composing (my right is affected by a cataract), found exactly the same 'feature'. It rather confused me at the time as my settings kept disappearing and these mysterious red arrows appeared making me think that something was wrong. Getting home I discovered the truth which wasn't obvious as I've never shot with earlier firmwares. It's reassuring to hear that others have the same issue and hopefully Leica can address this soon.
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