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  1. I too have found the electronic shutter produces better results. I was initially very disappointed with the lens and was considering returning it. However, I am now much happier with the colour rendition and images are much sharper using first Lightroom and then the few things Photolab will do for the lens - not much but it seems to help. I’m using an SL2s.
  2. I have been trying for some time to sell this lens but had no serious offers. Yesterday I decided to try it on my SL2s and was pleased with the results. AF worked well, colours were good and the image quality was very acceptable. I ran the images through Topaz Sharpen ai and viewed them at 400% on Apple Photo. This time I was amazed at the clarity of the results. Not as good as the 90SL but them one would not expect them to be. Nevertheless, the image quality makes me glad nobody wanted the lens when I tried to sell it.
  3. SL2s Leica 90 Sl
  4. Local Cafe The Gap Brisbane SL2s Leica 90 sl
  5. JohnQ


    Brisbane From Cultural Centre Overbridge
  6. JohnQ


    Signs of Autumn Front Yard The Gap Brisbane SL2s Leica 90sl
  7. I’m beginning to wonder about one camera one lens. Not convinced yet but we have just come home from a few days away. I used the a7riv with a Sigma 85 art for three images only. The other 65 that I kept were with the Q2. It would be a big step for me, but ...
  8. Just north of the Tropic of Capricorn at Rosslyn Harbour on the east cost of Australia. Lightly cropped.
  9. My wife and I stopped at a small village west of Brisbane Australia and came across this unusual Anglican Church built in the Bavarian style. A bit unusual for an Anglican Church and for Australia. It was opened in 1914.
  10. One could only wish that kind of luck happened more often.
  11. Thank you for the evocative image. The drawing nature of the lines is particularly effective with the snow and the green grass just breaking the intensity. The framing of the cottage is also beautiful with blue car a counterpoint to an otherwise bucolic scene.
  12. I have pared down my kit significantly in the past six months getting rid of all my GM lenses and now have the Q2, a Sony a7riv, a Sigma 85 Art, a Milvus 50mm, and a Voightlander 12mm. The Voightlander is amazing on the Sony if one is careful with the perspective..
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