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  1. If you are not sure and whant to try something, I suggest to buy a used M10 and 1-2 used lenses. Easier to avoid camera shake, less money at risk. I am in that process now. Photographing since the mid 80s, I have a pretty complete Nikon Z system that i generally like a lot, but I am tired to lug it around and try see how simplification goes with a used M10-P, 28 Summicron v2 and 50mm Summicron v5. 90mm may be added for a small travel set. I am not sure yet wether the the level of inspiration is enough to overcome the oddities and complexities of the M system (for a 55+ person with weak eyesight), but I am willing to go through a learning period to really experience it. From a pure technical point of view, my Z6ii with the super nice Z lenses delivers sharper images (modern lens design, AF, IBIS) much easier, has muchmuchmuch better white balance and proper exposure, less noise and much less severe HIghlight clipping. But then there are a few pics, especially with the Summicron 28, that I enjoy a lot. I like the above idea of trying to use it in a more playful mode, less with the ambition of perfection - those moments also gave me my best results. But its already clear for me that the M10P can not be my only camera.
  2. That was not really difficult to find: https://blog.kasson.com/about-2/who-am-i/ Just an example. https://blog.kasson.com/the-last-word/monterey-museum-of-art-show-is-up/
  3. While that special Leica Colour Science is talked about a lot, I have not seen something presented to demonstrate it, which is strange as we talk about photos. Maybe this is more about feeling than illustration 🙂 But there is certainly no wizardry that the camera does for your - you need to know what you do. AWB will produce significantly colder skin tones on the SL2-S than Canon, Fuji or Nikon. It depends a lot on the subjects skin, the rest of the picture and your personal taste whether it actually is/looks/feels better - it can look quite sick. Creating your own profile does make sense. I use the xrite color color checker passport for it.
  4. If you don‘t plan to buy any native lens, (the new kit lens is not one either), I see little reason to buy any SLx. Lenses is where Leica shines. In terms of body, the SL2(s) offers nothing that others cannot do at least as well. Maybe with the exception of the absolutely gorgeous viewfinder. What looks rugged is in real life mainly very heavy weight - the camera dents and get scratches more easily than any camera I have owned in over 30 years. The grip is clunky and not ergonomic enough. AF is outdated, even for photos in AFC. But it looks sexy, Design and menus are great. For photographing grandchildren who typically move erratically, I think a SLx is the wrong tool.
  5. Nikon builds it themselves. On my tests of the Sigma 24-70 on my SL2-S vs the Nikon 24-70 on the Z6, Nikon was consistently and significantly better outside of dead center at all distances and apertures. But then it is also more expensive. I would rather save the money for a nice SL prime and go Sigma directly.
  6. It will have to be much better than the Sigma. I had the Sigma 24-70 on the SLS2-S for a few weeks, and it was not great at all outside of center compared to a Nikon Z 24-70 on a Nikon Z6. Youtube is full of influencers, who oversell this lens IMHO. Independent test will show wether this will be worth that much. But I think Leica Buyers will not be too price sensitive anyway...
  7. Yeah. Not that it was a big one in reality.
  8. Very much so. I have done a comparsions with the Z6 and the SL2S with a test chart and as these and other tests and videos show - they are super close. Which can be expected as they probably share the same sensor. Here just a snipping from the center at ISO 6400. SL2S left, Nikon right. As always, the Z6 is slightly brighter and slightly warmer at the same settings. Raw files from ISO 1600-12800 can be downloaded here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsvTwjTJIhXbhIZNjwguBCZhQFh9jw?e=ArvjM7 Unforturtunately it also shows that in the corner the Sigma 24-70 2.8 is much worse than the Nikon 24-70 4.0 (both at f 5.6). I need to save a bit 💶
  9. It is mostly in low light. AFS is ok in good light.
  10. Yeah I know.... some aides need more checking than others 😉 I used face detection and it seems that it needs a lot of light to recognize faces well. And on short distances it is not much help as the face is not precise enough a target and AFAIK the SL2s cannot do Eye AF. I hope that comes with the promised FW update somewhere next year. But I have to admit I am new to this system and will have to test further.
  11. There are simply a lot out of focus. Having shot with DFD cameras before, I did not expect Canon/Nikon/Sigma AF performance, but in comparison to the Z6s AF, the SL2S's AF feels more like a focusing aid. I know from past experiences that some lenses focus faster than others. Given Pauls positive experience with the 75 Sl indoors, I wonder wether I can expect more AF speed from native lenses than from Sigma/Panasonic.
  12. Interesting experiences, thanks. I am a bit torn. My intention was to use the SL2S with my 35&50 M Summicrons for family pictures, but that does not work so well with my lively women (yes, lack of practice too).... So leaning back to AF. My only AF lens is the Sigma 24-70/2.8. That is great but the amount of keepers is super low compared to my Z6 with its kit lens both indoors and outdoor. I wonder wether a Summicron SL would be much faster, or I just wait until summer and then see what the FW update brings. And if I add an SL lens - which one to start with? For Family, a 50mm sounds nice as a one-lens solution, and then adding a 90 later. Somehow I am more tempted by a 35/75 combo, but will not be able to afford both for some time and would be back at only a 35 being too wide and only a 75 too long.
  13. I would assume not, as it does not seem to be the same issue per dpreview's SL2 video above. I also did not see that on other DFD cameras from panasonic. But it would be interesting to hear from people who have both a S1/5 and and SL2(S).
  14. I just wonder wether there is a solution here? I have the same issue on iAF and CAF with the SL2S and it is super annoying.
  15. You did not answer my question, which was wether you saw banding in the files I uploaded. I think we do not need to repeat a general discussion about banding in Nikon Z. I have not seen it in many thousands of pictures, and I do not see it in the ones I took here which served the sole purpose of comparison with the SL2S. So I assume you also did not see it, as it probbaly belongs to "the majority of scenarios that doesn't produce the banding". I think all manufactures try to optimize signal processing to maximize the results and generate the look they want, as they have little influence on the performance of the sensor itself. And signal processing is in SW since decades. Assuming that the majority of 24MP BSI FF sensors come from the same manufactorer, the main difference will be in filters and signal processing, and that is ok. The idea that Panasonic/Leica produce some kind of purer signal is not realistic at all. I am not trying to defend the Z series here - I try to understand the difference in results between it and the SL2S. And I can do that better by looking at pictures shot at the same scene and comparable settings with both cameras than by following generic discussions. So far I like what I see.
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