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  1. I’ve had both, still have the CL and a Q2, find the Q series much more versatile for 28 or 35 mm equivalent with a much better lens (than the TL 18), faster aperture, and a full-frame sensor. Really like the CL too though and would use that if you want longer or M lenses.
  2. Anyone know if the SL2-s supports it? If so, with Sigma lenses as well as Leica's own? (I've searched around and can't find it anywhere)
  3. Steve’s thumbie by far my favorite
  4. If I can figure out how to upload them. There is (to me) a surprising amount of noise in a B/W converted Q2 file compared with a Q2M file - even at ISO 100. At high ISO the differences are of course even more significant.
  5. They won’t ship international, unless it’s included with a camera. Tried that.
  6. I don't own an SL, but I have used an SL2-S with M lenses and found that the extra weight over an M body really was significant. I would probably not want it as a carry-around camera, unfortunately.
  7. Why the desire to go back to an M if you like the EVF? What's missing from just using the SL2?
  8. That’s exactly what I would do, but that’s because of my personal preference for focal lengths. I like to have one long lens for occasional use, and 90 is about right (mine is the elmarit, which I like for the size and image quality, and I can’t focus well enough to justify a wider aperture). Otherwise I’d only carry 24-50 mm lenses.
  9. Sure on 1 and 2. I think it would be difficult to correct vignetting. I’ve tried REPLICATING its vignetting with lightroom and can never get it right. Lightroom’s simulations are not quite the same as the lens. Also if you crop, you’ll have asymmetric vignetting. Yup, corners are soft. Not only soft, but smeared. Don’t know about the distortion, but certainly nothing obvious or that bothers me. I LOVE the results, but I’d categorize them firmly as artistic as opposed to accurate.
  10. Oh yes, it’s more than just vignetting. Corners are blurry, smeared and a strange purple/magenta in color images, particularly digital. This is not an architecture lens.
  11. Expensive but the Ettas case will keep it nicely when in your backpack. Then you'll want to take it out when walking around with it on a strap around your neck, as the case is too fiddly to get the camera out quickly. The half case will also fit in the Ettas case. I use the half case because the bottom edges tend to scratch easily otherwise. I don't use a half case with any other camera.
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