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  1. I will take your advice and ignore this post of yours now. Thanks for being so helpful!
  2. That’s bad too. I just bought the 60 TL, BTW. Spectacular lens.
  3. Anyone remember how to populate the “ignore” list? Can’t figure it out
  4. Certainly, could understand that. How big of an advantage is it? Enough that anyone would specifically choose the SL2-S for ease of manual focus?
  5. Have heard that manual focusing M lenses is easer on the SL2-S partly due to low-light advantage but also sharper magnified view on the SL2-S. Wondered if the new firmware upgrade changed this. Anyone have comparative experience?
  6. Several TL lenses that I would buy right now if I had more confidence that they will continue to support this line
  7. Some of this may be age-dependent, for those who grew up shooting B and W film and got used to it. I find a real difference in what I am looking for when I carry a Monochrom camera that I can't create at will - it just happens. I enjoy that, maybe artistically, but also maybe nostalgically as it takes me back a few decades.
  8. I wouldn't go that far - the differences in image quality are real and not at all hard to see. Some people will absolutely appreciate just that.
  9. Because the M10M is wonderful! There is some visbile advantage, particularly in low light, where the M10M is incredible. There will also be less noise in darker parts of the images even at base ISO (there must be some color noise in converted images). Whether those differences really matter is up to the user - the M10R is a fine B and W camera also. The thing I like the most about the M10M is that it only shoots B and W. Before using it I didn’t think it would really make much difference to the way I feel when walking around taking photos. I was wrong.
  10. I don't appreciate the sensor because I don't like the colors, nor do I have a use for the articulating screen or IBIS - that's why I don't mention them. The AF is another matter.
  11. PS did I mention auto-aperture for manual focusing? Basic and very helpful feature. Sony doesn’t do it. The mighty little CL does.
  12. I certainly hope Leica continues the CL line. I’ve been using both it AND the a7c, and actually much prefer the CL for a whole collection of reasons - the colors I find much more pleasing (especially skintones), the menu system, the lenses (the AF lenses for sony are either huge or crappy, take your pick), and the CL system is WAY sexier- tell me that doesn’t matter (it does).
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