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  1. Feel free to delete any or all of the Guinea post(s). If incompetant/troublesome or whatever, I take no offense at the deletion.. Been a while since I posted a photo so probably die a poor job, sorry, ron
  2. I think I would have to go with a single stroke M3 and external viewfinder for the wide angles. We sort of grew up together so use is almost second nature.. I might note that I briefly considered responding with a Leica IIIg as my choice ....full frame compactness is a virtue especially with small or collapsible lenses. regards, Ron
  3. Is Leica planning on offering an m-mount adapter to facilitate use of superb photo optics on the smart phone?
  4. 1975 Yellowstone, M3 50mm Summicron rigid, Kodachrome
  5. The collapsible Summicron is very much center weighted as to sharpness when wide open and does flare easily. when stopped down to around f:4 it is amazingly sharp. Having said that, I've always gotten better results from rigid Summicrons. In any event, your most valuable accessory is ilikely to be s a good lens hood. My best advice is leave the lens extended unless you have a good reason for collapsing it. Hurridly extending it may preclude taking your greatest photo of all time, especially if you are not used to the drill. Regards, Ron
  6. I'd have to go with the 35mm Cron Asph as the best single lens given all sorts of variables. That assumes no other camera with me. Size, unobtrusiveness, and durability enter into my decision. Regards, Ron
  7. Yellowstone Aug 1975, M-3 50m Summicron rigid, Kodachrome
  8. Well, I'll try and do better posting this time. This is a photo of my affordable Porsch Spyder aka porch spider taken with an M9, Viso III w/bellows handheld. The Viso has a short mount 135m F:/2.8 Elmarit . Hand held due to location on our front porch.
  9. Who decides? The children or possibly the children's parents? Should the children decide whether or not to sit in the arms of a Michelangelo Pieta? Most art is a somewhat acquired taste of which respect for it, the exhibitor's and the artist's rules are part of the process - children need to be raised not free-ranged. Just an opinion; J.J. Rousseau's disciples, the Khmer Rouge and many of today's parents certainly and obviously disagree with me. I have no objection to touch art or children's zoos, etc, etc. Learning not to sit on art might not be as valuable to the family as their youn
  10. If F:3.5 is adequate, the Cosina made Voigtlander Heliar is superb at least in my SM version. Filters are awkward, but it is small light and collapsible. Superb rendition and corner to corner sharpness. Noticeably better than the comparable present or past Leica 50mm collectables (to include both Summitar and Summicron that I have). Erwin Puts agrees in his reviews. Regards, Ron
  11. Ronazle

    Why Leica?

    I really have a love-hate relationship with the "smart phones" and related products. While I admire the technology (some of it paid by taxes), I hate the cult like dedication of many (most?) to their phones. Having said that and adding: I have a slightly similar dedication to Leica lenses and small rfdr M's - but, don't disrupt others by only paying attention to my Leica stuff everywhere I go. Leica and others need to conquer the current users of cell phones, auto focusing, and other plastic camera gear with something other than past glories and broken promises. Pretty soon almost no
  12. I suggest this: In the early post war years (i.e., 50's) Leica's forte was the 50mm and long tele lenses while Zeiss was the innovator of the then super wides exemplified best by the then revolutionary 21mm Biogon F:4.5. Regards Ron
  13. At a glance: If I were selling the book: #2; If I were selling the lens: #1 Regards, Ron
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