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  1. Relatively underwhelmed here by the fp L to be honest (a good thing for my wallet!). The one aspect that seriously tempts me is that I have a number of good APS-C L mount lenses (Leica and Sigma), and with 61mp, these become a lot more useful than they are/were on the fp...
  2. Announcement delayed again? I'd have expected it by now considering the time in Japan.
  3. Not sure why you see it like that - it looks instead to me like it all lines up perfectly. USB-C, HDMI and the multipin thing.
  4. Looks like the fp L is the same body as the fp, so that confirms no IBIS, which will mean a no for me if it really is a significantly higher resolution sensor (which I don't want anyway to be honest). On the positive side, looks like the new EVF will work with the original fp (form factor wise at least).
  5. “Maybe a few years ago, I did not see the point of using such a camera as the SL is without native SL lenses. Nowadays, everything has changed. It makes total sense to get an SL2-S with only the new contemporary trio: 24/3.5 + 35/2 + 65/2. I don't usually shoot less than f/2, and my favorite and most used lens on DSLR are 35 and 58.“ Agreed, although the fp with the ‘I’ lenses makes even more sense! Missing IBIS of course, which is a biggie, but significantly cheaper, smaller and lighter than an SL body.
  6. I wonder if I'm the only person that uses the fp solely for stills photography? I have an SL2, but I find myself using the fp much more, both for its size and handling (which I actually really like, with a grip and the "viewfinder" especially), but also image quality, which I think is very underrated.
  7. https://leicarumors.com/2021/02/19/first-picture-of-the-upcoming-leica-apo-summicron-m-35mm-f-2-asph-lens.aspx/
  8. Slightly unusual update video from Sigma: ... perhaps a result of the fpL rumours? Anyway, now we know it won't be Foveon at least.
  9. It would be pretty amazing if it is Foveon, because it was only a year ago that Sigma said that they were "starting over" with full frame Foveon development. Sigma abandons plans for full-frame Foveon mirrorless camera in 2020 | Digital Camera World
  10. Right, it will be interesting to see if that's for the "old" fp, or the new L.
  11. Really hope they don't go to 60mp, that would pretty much kill it for me - slightly less so if it has IBIS, but that in turn means the body design is likely to be larger, which significantly reduces the value of the fp for me (which is as a small and light alternative to my SL2).
  12. Ah, I see what was meant now - that's not how software versioning works. The digit after the 2 is the incremental version number (zero isn't normally bothered with though). So version 2.24 for example is older than 2.3. Anyway, no big deal of course, just thought it was odd that they've changed the numbering scheme so much, and effectively gone backwards.
  13. Yes, that’s what I’m saying. Software versions don’t normally decrease as they get newer!
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