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  1. I have an S, SL, and a Q. The SL2-S might be a good solution to upgrading the SL. I also have an Otus with a Canon mount that I use on the SL via a Novoflex adaptor. Does anyone know if this combo will work on the SL2-S?
  2. I bought an S 007 new at the end of 2016. I have the 24, 45, 70CS, 100 and 180. Also via the S to H adaptor, I have the HC 35, 50-110, and 300. I have an SL with 16-35, 24-90, and 90-280. I have a holdover Otus 55mm that I use on the SL with a Novoflex adaptor. I sold 3 Canons- 2 5DSR's and 1 5D4 plus eleven of Canon's best lenses for the SL and 3 lenses. That was a good decision. Regarding the S, it easily best the SL and Canons. The 5DSR with the Otus attached had more resolution and produced a nice look, but you would likely choose the S over anything mentioned above when comparing images s
  3. If you want some reach, put a Hasselblad HC 300 on a Leica S. There's a reason I sold my Canon big white lenses.
  4. I post a lot of Leica S007 pics with S glass and Hasselblad HC glass. I also post SL and Q pics. There are some Canon shots, and I am currently posting old scanned stuff from Minolta, Nikon, Canon, and Leica Minilux. I do list the camera and lens info. @coasttocoastphotoatl
  5. I have the S to H adaptor and have the Hasselblad HC 35, HC 50-110, and HC 300. They are not as sharp as S glass, but they have a nice character. I like the look and enjoy using them. They have a nice fall off, make round light circles, come in at lower prices, and fill in some focal lengths that Leica doesn't make. I would buy them again. I list camera info @coasttocoastphotoatl
  6. I had a lot of Canon gear and traded it for an SL. I kept my Canon 17 TS for a while and used it on the SL with a Novoflex adaptor. It worked fine. You will love the SL 16-35. I'd much rather have it than the Canon 17 TS.
  7. Hello All, this is my first post on the Forum, and I am eager to see and be seen. I've had an S007 for almost 5 years, an SL for 2 years, and a Q for 5 years. I'm looking at new cameras such as the S3, SL2, and maybe even a Sigma FP for making video clips. I have years of experience with Minolta, Nikon, and Canon, but they don't image as well as Leica. So like you, I am curious about the next steps. So far, from what I have read, there is an abundance of excellent and helpful comments. I look forward to the new experience and being a positive contributor.
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