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  1. How long should it take to receive an answer from Leica? As of today, 11-okt-2018, I still have not received an answer with a link to download the beta version. What gives? Thanks for any assistance. rdb.
  2. Hello all: It has been at least 4 days since I signed up for the beta version. Have heard nothing as of now. I can also not find any way to download the post beta version. What to do?? Is there a phone number anywhere that I can call to resolve this matter? Thanks in advance. rdb.
  3. rdbzhch

    Leica M9 and 50mm Dual-Range 'Cron

    I have just tried to mount this lens to an M8.2 & an M9. With the focus ring set to infinity: The lens will not mount to either the M8.2 or the M9. There is some sort of physical interference. With the focus ring set to shortest normal focus, i.e. the stop tab at the distance pointer tab: The lens will not mount to either the M8.2 or the M9. There is some sort of physical interference. After pulling out the focus ring and rotating it slightly counter clockwise, but not installing the viewfinder attcahment: The lens will mount to either camera. After installing the viewfinder attachment the focus ring can be turned for close focusing. Once the lens is mounted the focus ring can be set to normal range. However the focus ring can only be rotated a very slight amount clockwise before it meets with resistance. This is the same for each camera. Although the lens can apparently be used on either of these cameras, for close focusing range only, I would not want to take a chance of damaging the camera by the use of this lens. Therefore, I will not ever again try to mount this lens to any M digital camera. rdb.
  4. rdbzhch

    Leica M9 and 50mm Dual-Range 'Cron

    The lens will not mount, period. rdb.
  5. rdbzhch

    Leica M9 and 50mm Dual-Range 'Cron

    This lens, f2.0/50m.m. Summicron Dual Range, will not work on the M9. It will not mount. See page 110 of the M9 instruction Manual. rdb.
  6. rdbzhch

    M9 US shipping estimate?

    My M9 arrived yesterday, 17-sep-2009, at about 17:15 hrs. rdb.
  7. rdbzhch

    Serial Number Ranges M9?

    My M9 arrived yesterday, Serial # 3809xxx. rdb.
  8. rdbzhch

    How are the M9 shipments happening?

    No, just the word from my dealer. He will be receiving one of them which he will send to me. rdb.
  9. rdbzhch

    How are the M9 shipments happening?

    There will be 20 M9s in the US on Tuesday 15-Sep, no dealer will get more than one. rdb.
  10. According to the instruction manual, page 110, this lens cannot be used. Important: • Cannot be used: – Hologon 15mm f/8 – Summicron 50mm f/2 with close up setting, Not sure exactly why. rdb.
  11. rdbzhch

    Noctilux ASPH 0.95

    On 12-May my dealer called to say that as of that date there were 4 Noctilux f0.95/50m.m. lenses in the United States. He said he would receive one on the 14th and send it right off to me. The lens arrived on 15-May. rdb.
  12. rdbzhch

    21mm summilux with film - any filter?

    Leica previously made both s-vii & s-viii Uva filters. Whether they are still available or not I do not know. The order numbers were: s-vii, 13 009 & s-viii, 13 018. rdb.
  13. rdbzhch

    Noctilux ASPH 0.95

    This is in respone to the question above. This answer did not appear beneath his post. I just counted the blades in mine. There appear to be eleven. rdb.
  14. rdbzhch

    The new 18 mm f/3.8

    Mine arrived last Friday. rdb.
  15. rdbzhch

    18m.m. on it's way!

    My Leica dealer just called to say he has shipped a Super-Elmar-M f3.8/18m.m. ASPH lens to me. Although the corresponding 18m.m. viewfinder has not yet arrived, he has received and is shipping the 21m.m. viewfinder. This should indicated that the 21m.m. lens will follow in a few days. Neither the e-77 uva/ir filter nor the e-77 filter holder are yet in stock. This is good news indeed. I will post some images tomorrow. rdb.