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  1. How much they quoted for the glass replacement?
  2. Thank you for sharing. This is reassuring. What was the cost of the whole operation?
  3. In theory it can if you overheat the sensor while removing the glass.
  4. I would also like to know how much difference is there.
  5. How much they quoted for sensor glass replacement?
  6. Sometimes after replacing the battery camera won't turn on. I have to press the battery in and switch camera off and on couple of times to get it going. Has anybody experienced similar issues?
  7. I was about to send my M240 for repair and received an email from customer service saying: "...as there is much uncertainty on the likely impact that the Brexit transition period will have on shipments to EU and to avoid a situation where products needing repair are delayed, or held in transit, we have decided to pause sending any items for repair to our workshops in Germany and Portugal until further notice. Customer Care Adviser I Leica Store Mayfair I Leica Camera UK
  8. Has anyone got LCD screen ever replaced? What is the cost of it? I've asked London Service but they said it will need to be sent to Germany and they will provide estimate once they see the camera. The screen still works but colors shifted towards blue and it looks strange.
  9. How do I trigger image magnification with manual focus if I use third party (7artisans) manual lens adaptor?
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