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  1. New 35mm F2 APO is a beast. The best combo with M10-R. M10-R + Leica 35mm F2 APO.
  2. Macro world (M10R + 35mm F2 APO + Macro adapter M)
  3. M10R + 24MM F3.8 ASPH Stunning view from balcony L1002926-HDR by Myron Lin, 於 Flickr
  4. Sunrise and Sunset. M10R + 90mm F2 APO L1001836_HDR.jpg by Myron Lin, 於 Flickr M10R + 50mm F1.4 Pre-ASPH L1002705_HDR.jpg by Myron Lin, 於 Flickr
  5. M10-R + Noctliux 50/1 v4 L1002897.jpg by Myron Lin, 於 Flickr
  6. M10R + 75/1.4 Summlux Seaching in sunset L1002741.jpg by Myron Lin, 於 Flickr
  7. The spot is in Mt. Hehuan in Taiwan.
  8. Sunrising Elmar-M 1:3.8/24 ASPH L1001866 by Myron Lin, 於 Flickr
  9. Night shot with M10-R / 28mm F2 ASPH + ISO 4000 L1000417.jpg by Myron Lin, 於 Flickr
  10. I checked all my before pictures and found this issue happened for long time already. Just because I took picture on ISO 160 mostly so I don't found this issue before. Actually, I can see the the noise boundary from ISO 320 picture if I review the picture by 100%. And I checked the pictures I took in the first few months I purchased M8 then the pictures are fine. I contacted with the local Leica dealer and told them the issue and what I found. They confirmed my M8 is broken and needed to send it back to Germany for repairing. Luck for me is my M8 is still under warranty, it will expire th
  11. I found my M8 picture will have very strange noise when I took picture on low night situation by ISO 640 or higher ISO. I will see very serious noise on right half of picture and I can see very clear boundary in the center of picture. This is really bad since it is abnormal. you can see this issue is very obviously from my attached pictures. I am thinking if my M8 is broken? Have anyone ever seen this happening on your M8? Thanks.
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