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  1. First shot with the new macro. Leica M-A, 90mm, Tmax400, Rodinal 1:50
  2. More winterlight in the forest Mamiya 7ii, 135 adapter, 80mm, Delta 400, Rodinal 1:50 (Yeah i know ;-))
  3. German midday wintersun in the woods. Mamiya 7ii, 150mm, Hp5+, Rodinal 1:50, Camera Scan, Negativelab Pro
  4. M-A, 50mm Summicron, Hp5+, Rodinal 1:25, Camerascan, negativelabpro
  5. that works in the way that I described but there is no resistance to turn it back when fully locked. Ill just shot a roll and see if the pics are sharp ;-). Thanx
  6. when I turn it right it does stay in position, but there is no confirming "lock" or "snap" feeling. I just turn it all the way right and then i cant turn the aperture, BUT if i turn the front ring (in front of the aperture) left it turns with no resistance. It is locked in the way that it doesnt retract.
  7. Found and bought one. Not to cheap, but not to expensive either. One Question for Users: Mine doesnt really "lock" when extended. It does hold in place when i turn the apeture ring, BUT there is no confirming mechanical "lock" feeling. The white dot is aligned if I put it in the top Position though. Should there be a feeling of a mechanical lock? I bought this at meister, so I can send it back if needed.
  8. On the way to work. LEICA M-A, 50MM Summicron, Hp5+, Push1
  9. +1 Funny enough I get more "Is that a leica?" with my black M-A than with the silver M7. One could say: The M-A is the distillation of everything leica, it doesn't need any labeling to be spotted.
  10. THNX! I think that´ll be my Tele for the M-System then.
  11. Been trying to get def. info on this, but even the local leica shop had diverse opinions about this. And I couldnt find something definite on the web. If I understand it right i can focus (through the rangefinder) and shot up to 1:3 negatives with my M-A and M7, the adapter and the "winkelsucher". Anybody owning this set and an analog M? Does it work? Is it fun to work with? Would love to shot 35mm Macro and my 35 and 50 summicron still need a tele companion. Yes there are a lot of cheaper and easier options, BUT the charm of doing it with my M Bodies allures me. Thnx
  12. Mamiya 7ii, 80mm, panorama Adapter, Hp5+
  13. @mwielocha, sorry I couldnt solve it. Every other old Flash or the Leica sf24d works but not the Flash Q. Doesnt help in understanding the issue but the Flash Q works on my M7.
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