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  1. I don't have any problems with the touch screen and nose. Your story makes me very thankful and for that I am grateful for sure. I guess my question is not clear enough tho. I was asking if there's any point to trying to train myself to shoot with my right eye on the VF or if anyone has managed to do it themselves.
  2. I would like A Q with a 40 f2 weather sealed and bulletproof. With a dedicated exp comp dial.
  3. I'm left handed and I think that makes my left eye dominant but not sure. Anyway when I bring the Q to my eye, instinct is to use my left eye. Given the design, I have to think that 'rangefinders' are meant for right eyed use, allowing both eyes in use? Is it possible to train myself to use right eye and keep left eye open? Any one have experience with this problem? I think I've read that gun owners are told to keep both eyes open when using a scope? Is it not worth worrying about, and just use my left eye with right closed?
  4. 'Focus Pocus' - Leica Q, 2.8 / macro mode, 1/160 iso 100
  5. Yeah, the underexposure was not intentional, believe me. I had mounted a used SF24d for the first time and was trying to figure it out without reading the manual. It's just that I've never seen this banding before in all my years of lightroom, since the original canon digital rebel. Noise, sure, and it's expected, but not banding. I believe the other responders are correct, had something to do with lighting from the TV and my lamp in the corner, it's an led bulb. Thanks for responding!
  6. There is an LED lamp behind me in the corner, and the TV I suppose. Thanks!
  7. I took a very underexposed shot and tried raising the exposure 3.4 stops, and I expect noise, but what are these horizontal lines? Is it normal? This was taken with my 'new' used LeicaQ. Is this expected? I've never seen this before, and I've definitely shot underexposed before. Should I return this camera? Is it defective? Thank you!
  8. Hi I am new to Leica Q. Mounting a used SF24d, the flash works fine in manual mode as expected. I know it does not provide TTL never use it anyway. The problem is exposure preview cycling. Link to video showing the behaviour - https://photos.app.goo.gl/zSdGYgHrTUL69tLE8. Is the flash defective? It works fine. I read the Q's manual and the Flash manual. My thought was a setting somewhere but I cannot find it. A couple ways to 'solve' it: - If I turn off the camera setting exposure preview 'pasm' and change it to 'pas' the problem is solved, but is that the correct answer? - If I change to P, A, S, the problem goes away. Only in Manual do I get the 'warning' / exposure preview cycle. If the flash is mounted, why does the Q still complain and try to tell me I am under exposed? Thank you!
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