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  1. Thanks so much Robb, really appreciate it. Website edit to remove Leica references next week
  2. I'm really glad it's worked for her, still it's obviously not a common use case (I've done 62 weddings already this year and 72 to go until mid December). Most wedding guys consider 40+ a year busy Next year looking much more normal again! Unfortunately Leica are refusing or ignoring my requests for why the cameras failed. I've asked so many times now I've lost count. So I'll never know why, which could have helped in my decision before I got all the Canon gear. I've got 3 x R5's now and pretty much every RF lens a wedding guy would use so I'm done now. Yeah I agree. I loved using gear the mainstream wasn't using. And I absolutely loved the lenses. I kept my 2 faves and a SL2 body for personal.
  3. That's my guess. I told the Sydney store that when they said I was the only person this has happened to. I think I was probably the only person in the world doing 10-20 weddings a month on the SL system. (yes I know those numbers are absurd, it's a backlog from covid).
  4. Goodness you guys are brave taking Leica gear underwater. I used to have a completely separate underwater rig when I last dived
  5. CPS here in syd is really good. I spoke to a few local guys before buying the gear. Typically 2-3 day turnaround and loan gear 99% of the time. Anyway, I started selling some gear today. Really bummed about it. Gripes about failures and service turnaround times I just love these lenses and the way the SL2 feels in the hand so much. I've kept for personal use 1 x 47mp SL2 and the 50/1.4 (prob my fave lens ever) and the 90-280. As wonderful as it is, I'm selling the 35/2 as I'd prefer to get a 28 or even better a 24/21 when they release it.
  6. actually the leica Australia (Sydney) said no to a loaner when the first SL2 died. Which is why I then bought 2 x SL2-s bodies. Then when the second SL2 died, they found me a loaner. Much appreciated, but what was not appreciated was them pointing out that the camera had signs of use when I returned it a couple of months later. You gave a brand new SL2 as a loaner to a guy who typically does anywhere from 10-20 weddings a month, and then acted surprised when it had marks on it. He said the camera is expected to be returned in the same condition it was lent out. It was brand new. The only way I could have done that was by not using it. Not sure if that would count as a loan body then! Anyway, I've been procastinating on selling a bunch of gear but I'll do it this week. The canon gear has been working beautifully, and I'll be with CPS and will have meaningful support with turnaround times which is what really counts. I'm going to keep a SL2, with the 35/2 & 50/1.4 for personal use.
  7. It’s because I have already done most of the steps. They did give me a loan Camera. if I was still intending to use them for business yes I would be chasing it up more aggressively. But with the simple fact that the repairs from Australia will always take somewhere around 3 to 4 months I’ve just made my decision that it’s not viable for me unfortunately. At this stage in the thread I’m just replying to the odd question but I’m already decided that I’m using Canon full time for weddings now. Please excuse the punctuation dictating this on the road. I’m going to keep a very small kit for personal use and sell the rest.
  8. What went wrong? All you do is download the file and copy it to an SD card. Nothing about it being a Mac.
  9. The camera should not suffer a permanent hardware failure if it doesn't like the memory card. That's insane. Please note - not aiming at you! I'm still annoyed at the whole situation. I'm surprised you have had issues with the sony tough sd cards - they have a very good rep and I know many other wedding shooters on them. Personally I've used them for years on sony a9's, and these leicas (until now) and on my pentax 645z, on Fuji xt4/x100 and Leica q2 and on these canon r5's with zero problems.
  10. no I haven't - I've had years of zero probs with the sony yellow tough sd cards. But honestly though, even if it was the SD cards - that is reason enough to ditch the cameras. If a memory card can cause a permanent hardware failure on a camera, then I don't want that camera. A card failing to format, having corrupted file, locking camera up - ok, fine - I can deal with that. But a permanent hardware failure - that's another step. The frustrating thing here is Leica still haven't/won't tell me what happened with the first 2 bodies repaired.
  11. system error here as well on a sl2 with the 35/2 after update If this camera wasn't so expensive it'd go sailing out the window.
  12. Yes quite possibly - I move pretty fast at a wedding, and it's typically for a 8-12hr stint. I can tell you it doesn't affect previous generations of Canon/Sony/Fuji but that doesn't mean that isn't causing it with the Leica.
  13. I agree the high iso is pretty average. But unfortunately for me, I do see a difference in the prints between the 47mp SL2 & the 24mp S. On my SL2 I restrict the highest iso to 3200. It is a bit gross over that - DR takes a huge hit as well.
  14. Yeah thanks guys, completely agree the R3 would be a much better body. I really want the 45mp though, but I'll be all over a future R2/R1 body whenever it comes out.
  15. the leica Australia guys said they did that. it's really up to them to follow it up. I am not myself because nothing I say will reduce their repair times from 4 months to 1-2 weeks, which is the main issue here with the reliability a close second. I'm def keeping some leica gear though - took some pics of my kids just then for first day of school term on the sl2 and the lenses are so damn nice...
  16. I actually went a different route with the flash on the SL2 - I did get the (very average) rebranded sf60 flash but I struggled with AF in low light, so ended up getting a little fuji xt4 just for flash dance shots as it's an af demon in low light. I know it's silly to get a camera just for dancing but hey whatever works. Some dance floors they completely drop the lights and it's just a lottery to focus with the sl2 there. Other dance floors where there's a bit of ambient it's totally fine. When I did use the flash on the sl2 it was manual, zoom 70-105mm, 1/8th sec, 400 iso typically and do the little wiggle/pan of the camera body to get motion blur to give movement to the ambient, and the flash power to freeze the main subject. Adjust the power depending on the night. The flash is pretty average though. If you keep getting issues, get another brand flash. You don't need a leica flash if running the flash manually.
  17. So a little update. I was waiting on some cfexpress cards to arrive so I could shoot the canon gear redundantly at a wedding. I've just finished 4 weddings in a row with 2 x R5's, a 28-70 f2, 50/1.2 and 85/1.2 The bad - it's quite a heavy setup (the 28-70 & 85 are bordering on comical), the camera bodies feel horrible to hold IMO vs a SL2 - more buttons than a suit store and I've got some red marks on my left hand (I'm a lefty) because the camera just doesn't really fit my hand that well for whatever reason. The dynamic range is not as good as the SL2 - well, I haven't tested them side by side or anything like that but I just notice the highlights seem easier to clip. The good - the lenses are really very good. The 28-70 in particular is extraordinary. I'm not really a zoom guy but this lens really is like a bag of f/2 primes - albeit in an almost hilariously sized lens. The eye focus and AF in general is about a million times better than the SL2 and my candid percentage rate is through the roof on all these weddings. Stuff that I used to struggle with, i.e. the couple near sprinting back up the aisle whilst people toss confetti at them is childs play on the canon. I do prefer the 50/1.4 lux vs the Canon 50 1.2 and likewise I think the SL 90/2 has a better look to it than the ultra creamy canon 85 1.2 - but this is nit picking. They are still extremely good and well past the point of a client being happy. Being able to reliably shoot at f/1.2 also really helps in low light. I was shooting dance shots before I got the flash out, at 1/250th with eye tracking at 50mm & 1.2 and well over 90% of shots in dim light in perfect focus. The high iso on the R5 is very good, but you don't often need to really stress it due to having f/1.2 on the glass so reliably. At this point I'm returning the 3rd dead body to Leica on Friday - haven't had a chance to get out there. I'm debating whether to keep a slimmed down setup for weddings - for just the location photos (i.e. couples in fields / vineyards etc - not the ceremony/reception) or just keep a small kit for personal use. That 50/1.4 lux ain't going anywhere Still a bit bummed about it all, but with so many weddings booked (I normally do 90'ish a year but this year it's up to 130 due to covid reschedules) I'm so busy I just can't think about if the gear will be dying. I really do love the Leica lenses, I just wish the body reliability and support was better.
  18. Give the 50/1.4 a shot one day - I shot weddings with a stack of SL lenses for roughly 2 years and the 50/1.4 - albeit a bit slow to focus - had the most amazing look about it.
  19. love the shots on your insta. killer lighting. And yeah I'm quite sure Leica Australia are falling foul of the regulations we have here about "repair in a reasonable time frame". 4 months for a $10k camera body is utterly absurd. The staff at the Australian store are lovely, but that doesn't change the facts.
  20. Yeah I thought bad batch, which could explain the first 2 bodies - but the 3rd body, the SL2-s was purchased a year or so later than those two. Anyway whatever the reason is I've reluctantly moved on. I have a full canon kit here now. I'm still debating how much Leica gear to keep.
  21. The local store I've been dealing with did have the R3 but I wanted the 45mp on the R5. Pixels aside I'd definitely have preferred the R3. I still prefer the SL2 files (at low iso anyway). So I'm still a bit depressed about all this.
  22. Hey I do appreciate the advice but I do think the safe is ok. I’ve had it since 2004 and tons of stuff stored in it including many cameras , hard drives, and various other things. The interior of safe is perfectly dry and all my paper work in there has never shown signs of humidity.
  23. gosh that looks bit familiar. I'm not on Facebook so I can't comment on it. That's exactly what mine is doing.
  24. Yeah likewise. Shooting weddings, the lack of good low light af, crappy tracking, the fancy eye/people detect on the canon & sony - these are all things very useful at a wedding shooting people. But I was ok shooting around those as the leica files and lenses are super nice. ah well.
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