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  1. It's a great product. I've used it on my drone images (inspire 2) when printed huge and it works wonderfully.
  2. Side note, the 90-280 is absolutely stunning. On orig topic, I've had canon 300 2.8's before and loved them, but my fave was really the canon 200/1.8 and 200/2 - That's where my interest lies. If Leica made a fast 200 odd mm prime I'd be very tempted.
  3. I've used it on a Sony A9 - the optics are really wonderful. But it's quite awkward to use. The weight balance ain't that crash hot, and the focus hunted on a Sony A9 so I'd be a bit pessimistic about the AF on a SL2.
  4. Wouldn't the 90SL be the job? Not too big, AF, and ridiculous image quality.
  5. Oh lord, the 110/2 My fave lens of all time. How I miss it.
  6. I use the SL 35/2, SL 50/1.4 lux, SL 90/2 & SL 90-280 and a sigma 14-24 The 35 & 50 are 80% of the day. I use the single field for af most of the time and steer with joystick. I use the face af mode for group shots and quite a bit of the couple portraits. The af is still nowhere near a sony but you learn to live with it. I don't "miss" the SL2 but I do use it as a remote 3rd camera (i.e. back of bride coming down the aisle). I am still keeping it for personal use i.e. I'd prefer 47mp for landscapes on a holiday. But LOVE the sl2-s.
  7. This was my last wedding, every photo on the sl2-s (except the flashed dancing shots right at end, thats a fuji xt4) https://www.gavincato.com.au/blog/2022/01/14/georgia-matt-bendooley-stables-southern-highlands/
  8. it's certainly not as fast as a sony/canon etc. but I manage to make it work ok. When in doubt, single point af with afs is reasonably fast. I don't use flash on the leicas.
  9. For anyone in the wedding game I've shot weddings with 2 of the 47mp SL2 for say 18 months or so. The sl2-s didn't exist back then. Been super happy with the files, admittedly I did try and stick below 3200 iso. I had a sl2 break the other day so on a whim I bought 2 x sl2-s's, and I'll sell one of my SL2 bodies and keep one as a 3rd spare, personal landscape camera. I've done 3 weddings on the sl2-s's since then and they are fantastic. - The files are super clean with GREAT DR / ISO. Even at 6400/8000 odd iso the files are still very good. I would often slow down my shutter speed a bit on the 47mp body indoors to keep the iso reasonable but on the s model I have much more flexibility. - Practically every shot I took yesterday is in perfect focus. 3700 odd photos, and maybe 12-15 out of focus? Pretty good. Whilst I didn't struggle with the 47mp sl2 as such, I would often need to check the focus was ok when shooting fast. These new bodies are at near a 100% success rate. - Despite having the new firmware on my sl2 - the sl2-s is sure as heck faster in afc and on the rare occasion I use the face detect. It's still obviously nowhere near a sony, but hey I'll take what I can. - The files being half the size feels like editing small jpegs on the computer. Still plenty of Rez for customers, but so snappy to edit. - The skin tones are FANTASTIC. Honestly after importing into C1 with my preset I'm looking at tons of photos that literally don't need editing. Huge thumbs up for me for anyone shooting weddings/people. I still love the 47mp body, but I'll just use it as a remote camera at weddings or for personal use.
  10. If the grip held 2 batteries, rather than having you remove it from the camera to change the battery inside the camera I'd have bought it. Sony/Canon/Fuji all have grips with 2 batteries in the actual grip. I don't agree with the engineering of leicas grip.
  11. I don't have both to compare, but I do have the lux and it's really imo probably one of the best 50's on the planet. I recently printed a wedding enlargement for a couple at 45" x 30" from the SL2 (very unusual to get a enlargement request this big but it was a cracker of an image) and it was absolutely pin sharp printed at f/1.8 - there's really no sharpness concerns with the lux. Even if the cron outdoes it on a mtf chart (I suspect it would) it's still capable of extreme detail.
  12. Yeah I agree. A native 80-100mp SL body I'd bite, but in the meantime the 188mp multi shot trick is staggeringly good if you are ok to tripod it without things moving in the scene.
  13. Hey Mark, Yep 1300+ weddings under my belt here In addition to the leicas I have a fuji spare, and a sony spare, so always plenty of gear. But I'm now based on Leica, so definitely wanted 3 x SL bodies to avoid grabbing another brand at a wedding in case of problems. The SL2-S's seem lovely, I used them at a engagement shoot yesterday. Super clean files. I'm keeping a 47mp SL2 as my spare/personal cam (i.e. landscapes on holidays if covid ever goes away). cheers
  14. Finally got to use it at a wedding. Worked well. Love the compression you get over my normal length lenses.
  15. Pretty sure it's stuffed mechanically - the shutter is stuck over the sensor, and no software will fix that. I ended up buying 2 x SL2-S's (I think they are a better fit for weddings) and I'll keep 1 x SL2 as a spare/personal cam, and sell the other SL2. I didn't really intend on doing this but shooting as many weddings as I do I really should have 3 x SL bodies. Lets hope these ones don't break!
  16. Tried all that. No go unfortunately. What a hassle. I'm going to have to buy another SL2 today to get me by until I can get this one fixed.
  17. Oh btw. Battery reset / reinsert sd etc doesn't help. This error now comes on when the camera is turned on.
  18. Hey guys. Whilst shooting the shutter made the typical shooting noise then a red error came up. SYSTEM ERROR The shutter appears stuck over the sensor. See attached photos. Any ideas how to fix without sending to leica and having it away for ages? Cheers Gav
  19. Yeah, this lens is built like a brick. It would have been a decent hit. Definitely buy a 50 lux, but not this one. It's a stunning lens.
  20. I'll buy a 21 the day it comes out. Why on earth they prioritised the 28 when most SL owners already had the 35/2 is truly beyond me.
  21. Hey John. I'd like the 16-35 as well but even I have my spending limits Great time to buy it. Hope it goes well for you.
  22. I only use the Fuji for dancing shots. You know, the slow shutter zoomed in flash sort. The low light AF is quite decent on the little guy. That's also the only time I use flash. Never actually used a Leica CL! I suspect the body would be too small for me. I need something big to grab
  23. I don't know the specific answer but maybe use vlc instead of the stock windows players. It's a much better player and handles near any file type.
  24. This is the wedding bag with the 90-280 tucked in.
  25. I don't find the SL2 big at all, but hey I used to use 2 x 1DX2's and think nothing of it Honestly I think if you bought a SL2 or SL2-s with a 35/2 or a 50/2 (I prefer the 1.4 but it's huge, so get the f2 in your case) I think you'll be hooked. But that said. I don't know how old you are. Maybe you are at the stage in your life where you really do need a light system - in which case get the M. If you think you would find the SL2 too big, then get the camera you are most likely to carry with you. I don't find it big at all but everyone has their own idea what big is. But just on pure IQ, the SL2 with the appropriate lenses is really at the pointy end of IQ. I look back at my old Sony/Canon files and I'm very glad I'm on the SL2 now. I wish I did it earlier.
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