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  1. Hey guys, I already have the Leica SL 90/2 and zero complaints. It's quite incredible. But I was wondering if I'd be wasting my money getting the TT Artisan 90mm 1.25 just for some late afternoon shots at sunset with my couples (I'm a wedding shooter). Think having the couple in an open field (I often shoot at wineries / properties / farms etc.) with tall grass at sunset. I'm desiring something with crazy shallow DoF, and some lens flare. But at the same time - would I be wasting my money? Does anyone have both lenses by any chance? cheers Gav
  2. I can see benefit in owning the 35/2 and the 50/1.4 - but not the 35/2 & 50/2. I think you made a good choice with 35 & 75.
  3. Interesting, I have the 35 sum and the 50 lux like you do, and I near always grab the 50. It's probably my fave lens of all time.
  4. To be honest I haven't done side to side comparisons, but with that said I shoot weddings over 3 cameras, 2 x SL2 and 1 x Q2 and when imported everything into Capture one the colours look identical across them. I haven't used an SL2-S though. They didn't exist when I bought in.
  5. I have 2 sl2 bodies and though both haven't suffered from your nail marks, both have had the eyecup rip in the exact same spot. I need to get it fixed but it's hard with weddings most weekends.
  6. Well, I have the Sigma 14-24 L mount on my SL2. I can't do a fair comparison as my widest Leica lens is the 35/2. The Sigma is a very good lens. But the 35 knocks my socks off. It's pretty much perfect. I wish it was f/1.4 but that aside - I can't see any fault with it whatsoever. Likewise with my 50 & 90. I feel your pain $$ wise, they are staggeringly expensive. I'm eyeing the 90-280 at the moment and it's an awful lot of change.
  7. SL2 body with an M lens is still fairly compact. It ain't no Q2 but it's not enormous.
  8. I'm quite content with the SL2's but I'm a bit of a gear whore so you can bet if the SL3 came out I'd be selling those SL2's. I don't really regret selling any of my cameras except my Fuji X series setup. Such lovely files, some of my fave shots on that tiny little camera. It was worth so little I should have kept it. God riddance to my old Sony setup which was functionally incredible but always a battle colour wise. I'm a little curious about the 100mp Fuji but hesitant about how it'd fit into my current setup.
  9. I''ve found the 3.0 face/eye (whatever) af works beautifully on a single subject, but put a few people in the scene and it'll invariably grab the wrong one. The sony a9 was a bazillion times better here as you could use the center af to focus/recompose on a face, and it'd then stay on that face like glue. But anyway, no complaints here. I'll use the face detect stuff with portraits, and switch to another mode when there's a few people in the scene.
  10. I shoot weddings. I won't go higher than 3200 iso on my SL2's. I suspect everyone will have a different number here. For me the files at 3200 still print well in an album but 6400+ they fall apart.
  11. I do like the f2 lenses, especially the 90. But I do wish the 35 was a 1.4 Given the SL2 high iso isn't that great, I'd love a bit of extra light sometimes on the 35 indoors.
  12. They absolutely could, but Peter has a thing for using f2 on the L mount for some reason. I doubt it would be anywhere on the priority list let alone near the top unfortunately. I'd buy one.
  13. it's a stunning lens. I've used all the big 50's from canon/nikon/sony and this one is my fave. Certainly not the smallest or fastest but the images are amazing. With focus at 1.4, if you shoot people, toggle the face focus on. It's surprisingly accurate, I use it at weddings for close up portraits.
  14. I don't really see glare as a issue, that said it's a very expensive lens so there's probably some merit to putting something on it. So far I've been lucky. Lens still looks like new after 18 months.
  15. I use 2 x sl2 at weddings and I've never quite understood the battery complaining. I typically start shooting somewhere between 11:30am and 1pm, and change the batteries when the reception starts at 6pm'ish. Both cameras have usually shot about 1200-1500 shots each by then. This is pretty similar to what I used to do with Sony a9's.
  16. When we travel (rare due to covid!) I typically bring SL2 with the 50/1.4 and the Q2. I use the sl2 with the 50 for photos of the kids, and the Q2 for when I want to go super light and portable. If I owned the 28 I'd probably use that instead of the q2.
  17. Lucy, another option. Rather than the SL2-S, get the higher resolution 47mp SL2 with the 35/2 and crop to 50mm when you need it.
  18. I've been shooting weddings silently for years, starting with the Sony A7r2, then the Sony A9 and now the Leica SL2 (not the S model). Outdoor photos are completely fine with the SL2. As I said earlier the only time I see a warped image is if I accidentally press the shutter as I'm swinging the camera down to my belt clip to grab my other SL2. When shooting couples outside I never get any rolling shutter. I'm sure if I handed them a golf club and asked them to swing it around we'd see some but for normal shooting it's fine. Even shots of them walking to/from me are 100% ok. With the
  19. It is pretty quiet, but it's still louder than zero. During vows etc I'd rather be completely silent. Silent cameras are wonderful at weddings. I switch to mechanical in artificially lit indoor venues. But thankfully 90% of my ceremonies are outdoors.
  20. no, this isn't lens correction related. it looks like my SL2 does when shooting in electronic IF I move the camera quite a bit during the shot. in other words I might see this as I burst a few photos and then when putting the camera down to my waist belt to grab my other camera, I accidentally press the shutter whilst putting it away and it takes a E shutter photo during the camera moving physically.
  21. Ahh, crap. So it's either a bug or the sensor in the sl2-s just ain't that good at e-shooting.
  22. I use electronic shutter 90% of the time with SL2 and don't get this. It looks to me like you may be moving the camera at the same time as shooting. But I've never used a sl2-s.
  23. The AF on the 50 1.4 might be a bit slow, but you learn to accommodate it. I use it at weddings every week and the images are just gorgeous. Honestly I think it's worth being in the system for just for this one lens. It's pretty much the equiv of a autofocus otus.
  24. Well it's a (approx 4 years old) newer body. Do you expect it to not be as good?
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