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  1. Well guys, a final update. I didn't want to go into much detail at the time in case they were reading this thread but I had a bit of a drama with the Sydney store where they didn't act - shall we say - very nice over the final faulty body. It put a bit of a bad taste in my mouth, and combined with the fact I now have a perfectly good Canon RF system, which certainly doesn't feel as nice as the SL2 but is certainly a very competent piece of gear, finally pushed me over the edge and I sold my last SL2 body, and lenses. So I don't have any Leica gear anymore. For my personal (i.e. non wedding kit) camera, I went out and bought a GFX100s and 23/4, 45/2.8, 80/1.9 - it's a wonderful piece of gear and the IQ is extraordinary. So I'm out of Leica now, and I don't think I'll be buying any more in the future. It's a shame as the lenses are wonderful. Thanks to everyone for the advice & messages. Gav
  2. btw it is relevant, as I had 3 bodies die and 2 were a SL2 and 1 was a 3 month old SL2-s.
  3. More annoyingly as I've had multiple failures - Leica still (5.5 MONTHS LATER) still haven't told me what the fault was.
  4. I have 3 x R5's now. When I shot with SL for weddings (until only 8-10 weeks ago) I had 2 x SL2 and 2 x SL2-s. btw with your other question about 50 vs 75 cron, af speed is near identical. I don't own either but I did try them out once. Lovely lenses. Personally I went the 50 lux and 90/2 route.
  5. I agree about the SL being extremely accurate, if a tad slow. With the latest Canon, the R5's I have here the accuracy is pretty crazy. Come home with 5000+ images after a wedding and maybe 5-8 (no exaggeration) are out of focus.
  6. In Australia at least there's next to zero marketing. I don't know of any photographer who uses a L mount Panasonic. Not one. Plenty of video guys using GH5's, but I don't know a single person using a Panasonic for stills.
  7. Honestly it sounds like you decided before coming into this thread. So give it a go, and sincerely - good luck. They are beautiful cameras & lenses. I bought into Leica intending to be 100% on the system for weddings, but multiple body failures and 4 month turnarounds had me unfortunately making a hasty exit. You'll probably notice your candid percentages will drop a little on the Leica, I've noticed my candids have skyrocketed on the canon's with the eye detect af. But yeah, lovely glass on the SL.
  8. In my opinion, the chances of a human error swapping multiple cards, in addition to the fact wear and tear on the SD card contacts from inserting/removing are the 2 main risk factors. I have a long track record of using the biggest card I can in the camera, with the 2nd card slot recording full size jpegs. I use a card easily big enough to shoot an entire wedding with plenty of space left at the end of the day (in case you get a ripper of a wedding and shoot more). i.e. I'm using 512gb cards in my R5's, and when I shot weddings on SL2 it was 256gb. I've never lost a photo.
  9. Gosh that's amazing. I've never used an Arri. In video world for weddings I know quite a few guys and they are near all using stuff like Sony a7s3, with due card slots recording. In fact only recently I was at a wedding with a guy shooting sony and he had a card corrupt with ceremony footage, with the 2nd card saving the day.
  10. of course, you are comparing 50 f2 vs a 50 1.2 - of course the leica will be lighter. I have the SL2 with the 50 SL 1.4 here and the R5 with the 50 1.2 though I can't be bothered to weigh them but I bet the Leica is heavier.
  11. I wouldn't use a Q2 (as much as I love the little guy) due to single card slot. No thanks. On Leica front, I shot weddings very well for roughly 2 years with mostly the SL2, 35/2, 50/1.4 and 90/2. No real need for anything else (though I did own more lenses). However, the Leica support is horrific. I'm on Canon now and as much as I love the SL glass, for weddings the R5 is a better camera in pretty much every aspect. They don't feel remotely as nice in the hand as the SL2 but are incredibly efficient at shooting people. From my personal and very expensive experience I would not recommend using the SL system at weddings. Each to their own and all that, by all means give it a go. Just know if the gear fails, minimum 2-4 months turnaround.
  12. Thanks so much Robb, really appreciate it. Website edit to remove Leica references next week
  13. I'm really glad it's worked for her, still it's obviously not a common use case (I've done 62 weddings already this year and 72 to go until mid December). Most wedding guys consider 40+ a year busy Next year looking much more normal again! Unfortunately Leica are refusing or ignoring my requests for why the cameras failed. I've asked so many times now I've lost count. So I'll never know why, which could have helped in my decision before I got all the Canon gear. I've got 3 x R5's now and pretty much every RF lens a wedding guy would use so I'm done now. Yeah I agree. I loved using gear the mainstream wasn't using. And I absolutely loved the lenses. I kept my 2 faves and a SL2 body for personal.
  14. That's my guess. I told the Sydney store that when they said I was the only person this has happened to. I think I was probably the only person in the world doing 10-20 weddings a month on the SL system. (yes I know those numbers are absurd, it's a backlog from covid).
  15. Goodness you guys are brave taking Leica gear underwater. I used to have a completely separate underwater rig when I last dived
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