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  1. I wish Leica will start to realise that we are in the “Digital age” and that hardware alone is not enough. Software to drive the hardware and get every bit available is extremely important these days, look at what fujifilm is doing. now, I’m not asking for silly filters, rather for improvements in autofocus, back button focusing, tracking, better AI (you have it as a function),etc. I love the body, design, handling and simplicity of my SL2 and I want to get more out of it and feel like Leica do care about my $$$$$$ investment with regular, continuous updates. You are a software company, just as much as a hardware one and it seems to me that Leica still struggling with the concept. This is more so evident with the terrible foto app.
  2. I’m experiencing the same freezing issue. Especially when viewing my photos. Some people have suggested it’s the SD card and the use of SD Formatter, but I doubt it’s the card. when the camera freezes, the only option is to take the battery out. this issue is truly tainting my experience with this amazing camera. if firmware 3.0 fails to fix this, I will be putting my SL2 up for sale in favour of the Canon R5. sad.
  3. The app worked for me once. I spent an hour trying to connect with no success, nothing has. Changed in my settings. it is slow and unreliable, happy it’s working for some of you. It I still think this app is missing the mark on communication with the camera (SL2 in my case). it has 1 star ratings on the App Store, with enough bad ratings, Apple would remove it altogether.
  4. Honestly, probably the worst app I have ever used! I really don’t understand Leica’s poor performance in this area, did they pick up a high school student with a month practice on swift to write the app? the implementation is just disgraceful, and I’m not even talking about the subscription part of it. Forget the fact I paid $$$$$ to get this ridiculous app. here’s a suggestion, put it out on fiverr, Someone will build a better one for $500! (I’ll be happy to finance this)
  5. I would love to see: General focus improvements Eye detect added Focus Stacking Battery life improvement what’s on your list?
  6. Hi, Day 2 with my SL2 and I was shocked with how quickly the battery was being depleted, realised that I had the LCD screen set to auto, I since changed to EVF Extent. Was wondering if you have any tips (settings) to prolong battery life. p.s. I love my SL2, it's what I have been missing in photography for so long (since I sold my M9 over 2 years ago), the feel in my hand, the EVF, which was my biggest concern coming from M9 and D850, even the sound of the shutter is a joy! the simple layout that lets you get on with the act of taking a photo... Currently it is paired with the Sigma 45 2.8, what a little gem! Next week I will be getting the APO Summicron 90mm and I think this will elevate my experience yet again.
  7. Thank you @Photoworks, I have tried the SD Formatter (took the long format option) and it seems to work now! Happy days
  8. Thank you, The storage setting are on: DNG + JPG on SD1 +SD2 (standard). no SD in slot 2 Would that affect reading from the card? I'll get another card over the weekend to test
  9. Yes, it came from another camera but the first thing I did was a format. I thought this card is sufficient for the SL2
  10. Hi There, I just got my SL2 today, very excited to be back with Leica after a 2 year break. I have a 128gb Lexar UHS-ii 1000x 150 MB/s, a card I had around and was hoping was enough for the SL2. writing takes a couple of seconds but when I press the Play button, the red light stay up for over 30-60 seconds and I can't do anything with the camera. Is my card faulty or is it camera settings I need to change? Your suggestions are greatly appreciated. (I don't have another card at the moment o test with)
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