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  1. Will do, many thanks. I took it out today and it worked fine in the 'auto detect' mode even though no specific lens was showing.
  2. Thanks Ict, I could set the nearest Leica 35mm lens, which is the 1.4 ASPH. Do you think that would work better? I'll give it a go.
  3. I have a Voigtlander 35mm 1.2 Mk III lens fitted on my CL with the M-L adaptor. I set the lens detection to auto, in the menu, but I'm not convinced it is recognised as the shutter speed set seems too low. The lens is not in the dropdown menu as those are all Leica lenses. The photos look OK in Capture One, but I would like to check that I've picked the right settings for the camera to recognise the lens. Any ideas?
  4. I forgot to mention: 1. add outdoors white balance, 2. Tungsten white balance and 3. Auto white balance.
  5. I've just set up three profiles: Outdoors (spot focus, low ISO, autofocus with the 18mm pancake lens) Indoors (Spot focus, Auto ISO, manual focus) When I hand the camera over to someone else to take a photo (Multi focus, Auto focus, Auto ISO with min 2 x f stop of the lens) With Jaap's help I've also managed to set the main menu items I might want to change 'on the go' into the favourites section of the menu. Hope that helps. PG.
  6. Jaap, thank you so much for your quick response and solution.....much appreciated!
  7. When I save a profile it returns my 'favourites' menu to factory saved 'favourites'. I've tried re-saving favourites for each profile but they return to the factory settings as soon as I change to another profile. Any idea how I can solve this?
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