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  1. What camera did you buy to fit that strap?
  2. Use a tiny bit of black shoe polish and buff it off. Works for me every time. Make sure you don't get it on the white lettering. Use a Q-tip to get the polish on and buff with a micro fiber cloth. It'll be just fine.
  3. I have been an M user for nigh on 40 years now. Some years back I sold my M240 and bought an SL1 with the 24-90 zoom. Like other Leicas, it is beautifully built and a joy to handle sitting on my couch. Lugging the contraption around is a different story. I took it on a holiday to Spain and lugged it all around Madrid for a week. Swore I would never do that again. Its great value to me was auto-focus and a terrific viewfinder. But travel camera it ain't. Not to me. Sold it a year ago. However, GAS sets in every-time Leica announces a new product and I contemplated an SL2 with a prime lens. Truth is, I don't think there is anything like an M, particularly the M10 now. It is a small jewel. I can fit the M10 with a 50mm APO in a Fogg Flute bag which can easily be attached to my waist belt and I don't even feel I'm carrying anything. Both hands free. Attach a hand strap and it can be pulled out in a nano-second. It is also therapeutic for my GAS to see how many still consider the M cameras to be ideal. If its more pixels I want (not need) I will look into the Hasselblad 907X/CFV-II when they finally release it. Looks like another jewel.
  4. Is anyone on this forum considering selling or trading in their M10 for an SL2? The thought has crossed my mind because my 60 year old eyes aren't what they used to be. However, every time I handle my M-10P, I banish the thought. I used to have an SL but found it too heavy, especially with the 24-90 tacked on. Just curious if anyone else has had this momentary lapse of reason. Yes, Pink Floyd all the way.
  5. I was in Rio and Sao Paulo during the 2014 world cup which was considered to be a very high theft risk period. Spent two weeks walking everywhere with my M240 slung over my shoulder, including one day in the Rio favelas. I had no problems. All I encountered were the most friendly people on earth, many happy to pose for photos, especially in the favelas. This whole issue of theft and pickpockets is highly overrated in my opinion. Get the camera insured which I would do regardless of whether I am in Rio, San Francisco, London or Delhi. Then use it without worry and you will be surprised at how safe and fun the world can be.
  6. sunil

    New Safari

    BTW, did you have to pay duty on bringing it into the US?
  7. Did you eventually buy the M10 from the UK? I am looking to do the same and am wondering if you were assessed duty. The Harmonized Tariff Schedule seems to indicate there is no duty on photographic equipment (cameras included) but this is all very confusing. Does each state also add its own sales tax etc to the price?
  8. I went down to the local CVS Pharmacy and tried their reading glasses. The +2.0 worked best for me so ordered that diopter. Worked fine for me.
  9. Not sure why you feel there are not many used SLs in the market. I had a really hard time selling my mint SL 2 months ago and had to drop the price before it moved. I think by and large many users (me included) found it too heavy to use.
  10. Love this. Air Buzz getting ready to land.
  11. I relish the thought of more Megapickles. Sounds i-dill to me
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