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  1. I've had my SL-2 since August 2020 and a SL before that. Never had similar damage to the grip area or the Diopter setting ring area. 5000+ shutter clicks on the SL-2. The SL-2 is pristine so far. That said, I am very conscious of the camera at all times. Issues like these are very frustrating. I'm glad Leica is helping.
  2. The 50 Summilux Asph "Black" Chrome is my favorite M lens. Great Bokeh at 1.4, sharp at other "f" stops. Looks great.
  3. I was in the exact same situation as LikameLeica. Started with a Q2, then the SL2. Then purchased a M10. The M10 was the hardest of the 3 to learn how to use properly. The mistakes I made coming from SL lenses and even the Q2 was not buying Summilux and Summarit M lenses from the beginning. I like the sharpest photos possible and I was just never happy with M Summicrons. The M10 has taught me more how to operate all cameras better. The M10 is the camera I like to use the most often for 35mm and 50mm photography. In summary: The SL camera and SL lenses take the sharpest photos. The Q2 takes great photos; is easy to use; light weight, but the 28mm lens is not my favorite focal length. The M10 is the most fun to use and I am satisfied with Summilux and Summarit lenses. The M10 is not a camera to hand somebody to take a group photo unless they know how to operate an M10. The Q2 and SL2 can easily be used by anyone.
  4. I just watched this video by Oz Yilmaz. Oz suggests due to the "megapixel-wars" the M10's value is going to take a major price drop as soon as the M11 is released. Oz says the "M10 will be obsolete" The M10 is a great camera. The M11 needs to be significantly improved for me to consider upgrading to a M11. What is your opinion?
  5. Leica M10 Leather Pouch, Black, Short Mfg Code: 14893 $140 Works great for me with a 35 or 50
  6. Thank everyone for your comments. Leica photographers are lucky to have so many great choices. I fall in love over and over with my 3 Leica Cameras and various lenses. I appreciate each Leica camera for their unique qualities. Different Leica cameras are like different golf clubs. You would not use a driver as a putter or a putter as a driver. Each club , just like each Leica camera, has an advantage. I look forward to seeing what the new M11 improves on while keeping its' heritage true. The new 3.0 firmware for the SL2 made this camera even more awesome. The Q2 is wildly popular for a good reason. It takes beautiful photos completely manually as well as completely automatically, and everywhere in between. Ultimately, no matter what camera we think is the best, we want Leica to have a camera for everyone. The more people that find a Leica camera they love the better it's for everyone. Obviously adding the SL's, Q's, CL's, etc. made Leica a stronger company. The Leica M is an extraordinary camera. There is nothing like it. The lens selection is incredible. That's why the people on this forum so fiercely love their M's. Me too.
  7. This is Peter Karbe talking about the SL lenses with references to M lenses. I should have put this Leica M Lens...sorry
  8. We are having a great discussion. Most responses have to do with the camera. The M vs the SL2. How about opinions regarding M vs SL lenses. Watch this interview: I should have put this Leica M Lens...sorry
  9. Here is my experience. I have a M10 with a 50mm f/1.4 Summilux-M ASPH and 35mm f/1.4 Summilux-M ASPH. Both great lenses. If I use liveview to get perfect focus and compare those photos to my SL2 with an APO-Summicron-SL f/2 ASPH, the SL photos are simply noticeably sharper and to me more Leica "wow". The M 50mm bokeh at 1.4 is incredible. I agree the M is Leica's heritage, smaller, a better street camera, but the SL lenses are almost always superior to an M. I will never sell my M. I really love the M. Sometimes I just like to look at it. The size and carrying weight of the SL is obviously greater than the M. I recently took my SL and M on a vacation and found good reasons to use both of them for different reasons. That said, I selected more SL photos to keep than M photos. For non-obtrusive, smaller, lighter weight photography the M is perfect. So is the Q2. For me, the camera that produces the best overall results is the SL. We have so many great choices. That's why many of us probably have more than one Leica camera. Finally, I'll order the M11 when available.
  10. I love Leica. I have a M10, Q2 and SL2 plus many lenses. The M10 is a great size, fun and well made, but the SL2 and SL lenses are simply superior. That's why I'm asking what is the M's future when the SL system is simply the best choice for the easiest and sharpest photo and with greater wide angle and telephoto usability? Last point, the SL f2.0 APO Summicrons also have very nice bokeh. Your thoughts.
  11. My first vacation with my used M10 and 35mm 1.4. I also took my SL2 with the SL50 and SL24-90. This was the first time since I purchased my first Leica's last year that I actually used them away from the house. By the way, this is the Hotel used in HBO's White Lotus.
  12. The M is more fun and smaller; the SL2 with SL lens' is stabilized, sharper, easier, slightly bigger, heavier, 2 SD cards, longer lasting battery
  13. I bought a used Visoflex for my M10 on eBay for $425 in great condition and sold it 1 month later. I only have 35mm and 50mm lenses. I found the image of the 2.4MB viewfinder unpleasant to view and it slowed down the M10. I actually prefer to use the LCD monitor which has only a 1,036,800 dots display. Another reason I sold the Visoflex was I felt the A10 frame lines were more than adequate for my needs plus I did not want to carry an attachment that I would seldom use.
  14. M10 Summicron 50mm. Obviously a boring photo, but it shows the dynamic range.
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