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  1. Does the GPS/EXIF data get written to the file itself or is a separate file created that holds the GPS data? I don't want to have to rely on Lightroom to that? I don't think GeoTagr writes the GPS data to the original file. Thanks, John
  2. I just got a Q2 and I'm trying to add GPS data to images. Can anyone confirm the following? I just want to be sure. There is no on-camera GPS functionality with the Q2 GPS data is only added to photos that are taken remotely with the Leica Fotos app. Specifically, there is no way to connect to one's device (iPhone, etc.), leave it open, and have the connected Q2 retrieve GPS data while one takes photos with the camera Adding GPS data does not require the "pro" version of the app. GPS is stripped from the small preview the non-pro version allows one to share.
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