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  1. Torpille thanks for your insight into your purchases and their uses. I’m a fairly new user to the CL too and I’ve got the 23/2 mainly for that fixed focal length and the 18-56 which is a good walkabout/holiday lens. Unlike you, I would like to try the 11-23. I’m more of a wide lens user and if I can find an affordable one I’ll be getting it. The 55-135 I believe is a great lens but as I said wider lenses are my preference and a telezoom wouldn’t see much use. Other lenses I have are a 7artisans 35/2 Chinacron, a very good performer. I also enjoy using a CV15mm 4.5 too and getting in
  2. Updated the CL firmware. Took a test shot with the 18-56 at the 56 setting and the 1.7x digital zoom.
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