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  1. yoMammabot

    Grey vs Black and wear results

    Looked at a preowned Grey M9 today. Previous owner was none too gentile with the camera. I was actually pleased to see a little brass working it's way to the surface
  2. yoMammabot

    Anyone want to lend me 7 grand

    I feel that i'll have to sacrifice a loved lens and M8 to begin thinking of even possibly bringing home a M9. I was really hoping I'd be able to upgrade the M8 to FF. Digital rangefinders might be a little too perishable technologically for me to keep up with current models. I Love the M9 though.. Really glad I was able to shoot one yesterday in Seattle. I'll be on the lookout for a used one!
  3. yoMammabot

    Seattle M9 droolers ...

    I'll be there. Right down the street from where I am posting this
  4. yoMammabot

    The 24 Summilux on the M8..my review

    Great review! I have no idea how I'm going to fund an M9 an this 24mm speed demon... I'm thinking it makes sense to get the Summilux first since I could see the price going up for this baby.
  5. The 2 year warrantee was coming up on my M8 when it started to intermittently not turn on without taking out the battery and dropping it back in. The range finder seemed to be a little out of adjustment as well. I figured the intermittent issue was early stage circuit board issues and brought the camera to the shop I purchased it at here in Seattle to be sent out. The camera was gone a total of little over two weeks. An itemized list of repairs came back with a couple of fixes or "upgrades" that i'm not familliar with. -Repair circuit board -Upgrade to current standard -T2 upgraded -FIrmware Upgraded -Rangefinder adjusted -Recalibrate Shutter -Recalibrate light meter I understand and totally appreciate all these extra little serviced performed on my M8. Any one out there know what a T2 upgrade is? What should I expect from a recalibrated shutter and light meter? Bravo to Leica NJ. great job! -matt
  6. yoMammabot

    Noctilux and M8, ap.-examples at 1 meter

    Thats what I'm talkin bout Robsteve. Who needs an ND? Though having 25 ISO would be nice I love mein Leica.
  7. yoMammabot

    Noctilux with M8

    I recyled this from a post I just made on the other Noct thread I personally think the Noct really sings on cloudy days.
  8. yoMammabot

    Noctilux and M8, ap.-examples at 1 meter

    I love my Noctilux. Its my only lens that does this... I personally think the Noct really sings on cloudy days.
  9. yoMammabot

    got my upgrade!

    I am definitely looking forward to testing an upgraded M8. I really love my M8 as is though. The possibility of not attracting attention in quiet moments (more often than not for me) is very attractive however. Do you feel less obtrusive in quieter moments?
  10. yoMammabot

    Hand-holding the new shutter

    I cant wait to try out the new shutter. I'm a little afraid of getting spoiled though with it's softer sound and delicate click.
  11. yoMammabot

    Woody Allens new sperm...

    I don't get it>
  12. yoMammabot

    A Grand Prize for me and my M8

    Very Very nice Shot!. Tons of life! Congrats!
  13. yoMammabot

    Are these Brad Pitt shots Leica?

    I wonder if this series of images are from an M8. I think the shot on the cover is very nice personally.
  14. yoMammabot

    Cuthroat razors and boxing gloves

    Don't these ads that you people seem to find so objectionable help support this forum that many of us visit almost daily? I'll live with the ads personally. I even like em! the way I see it, If you hate ads so much.. start BBS and a chat room to talk about your cameras in a nice, safe, ad free environment. Just a thought. I'm probably missing some important point though.. Wouldn't be the first time
  15. yoMammabot

    Wow, great images

    Isn't it nice to know that your all in such grand company? Nice work everyone!