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  1. Agreed. Definitely looks like dust to me.
  2. Have only ever owned one Leica film camera, a M6 ttl .58 bought new but this is my favourite camera, across all makes including digital that I have owned. Mine is a M-A variant in that it took a dunking on a river crossing gone wrong whilst hiking in New Zealand 10 years ago and the metering system was destroyed. A technician was able to get the shutter working (the whole camera had seized up) so now I use it with either a shoe mounted or hand held exposure meter. The only camera that comes close to the M6 is my Nikon S3 2000 which I love using also. But the M6 is far easier to focus so that k
  3. I have a Leica M6 ttl 0.58 with a non functioning meter having drowned the camera in a failed river crossing whilst hiking in New Zealand about 10 years ago. The shutter seized up also at the time but was able to get that fixed by a technician. It all works perfectly now except the meter. I just consider it a cut priced MA and expect it to see me out. I either use a hot shoe mounted light meter or a hand held one 'a la' my Nikon S3. It's no biggie.
  4. As nice as the new Leica is I somehow prefer the Canon. That is one lovely looking beast.
  5. Yes an incredibly beautiful place but visited by more than a million people a (non covid) year.
  6. My wife would have pegged it. She spends all of January each summer in Pt Elliot caravan park. I avoid the place like the plague.
  7. Where is this David? I presume somewhere in Adelaide.
  8. You've got a beautiful wife Neil. I hope you look after her. I've got a much younger wife also who is far too good for me. But I keep her happy in the bedroom...she gets 90% of the wardrobe space. So all is good.
  9. Actually I believe Mr Trump draws a salary of $US1 per annum.
  10. My M-E bought new in August 2013 is on its third sensor. The first one(cracked) was replaced under warranty in 2015, and I noticed early this year the second was showing signs of the dreaded corrosion. Took it into Camera Clinic in Melbourne June just 2 months before the 5 year sensor warranty expired. Received it back in perfect working order in September. For that I consider myself lucky. Sensor replacement Downunder is over A$1500. I just wouldn't have been prepared to fork out that amount of money and had resolved to live with the corrosion if it had manifested after the warranty period. G
  11. I spent 15 months hitching through Africa in the 1970's with a SLR and 50mm lens only. Never felt photographically deprived. If heading off today, dare say I'd feel it necessary to take a similar amount of gear as you. But probably in my Fogg bag....Have a great holiday.
  12. I'm certainly not a serious photojournalist. But I have a Billingham 335 bought new in the late 1980's which is still in great condition (the Aussie sun has faded it somewhat though.) I suspect it will last another 30 years which makes it very cost effective in my humble opinion.
  13. Likewise David. Lost a great uncle (Frank) in WW1 and an uncle (Harry) at El Alemein. My Dad was one of the Rats of Tobruk. He, Harry, Jack and Arthur all served in WW2 and the youngest brother Alan in Korea.
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