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  1. Thanks again for the input and the link. I think sending it to New York makes sense.
  2. The lens works smoothly, feels right. Yes, I noticed the flange didn't come all the way back. Now that I know what DAG is, I'll be contacting them. Thanks everybody for your help!
  3. No kind of attachment, doesn't look like it's ever been dropped. Here's a photo:
  4. nope, just the lens. no extension tube
  5. Hello, I am in western Massachusetts.
  6. I have received a Leica R kit that belonged to my father. The 60 macro will not focus to infinity. The furthest out it will focus is about 3 feet. The focusing ring reads infinity, but it isn't. I imagine this would be a costly repair. Any suggestions on where I could go for this fix? Thanks.
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