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  1. Mine looks like brand new, screen is dark on those old models. Even the shutter seems to work accurately. Got it via eBay, a lucky find.
  2. Rolleicord Art Deco from 1933 with Triotar 75mm Carl Zeiss uncoated lense. Ilford Hp5+
  3. Summicron 50mm collapsible. Munich, Theresienwiese. January 2021. View from the Bavaria statue. A Corona test station tent. Will we see beer tents later this year?
  4. Leica M3 DS, Summicron 50mm collapsible, Kodak Tri-X 400.
  5. Leica M3 DS, Summicron f2 50mm collapsible.
  6. Without conversion you get the RAW format, then you do it in LR on our own. I shot against a LED ceiling light from the hand with an exposure suggested from the camera. It's maybe not the most accurate and professional way, but it works for me.
  7. Yes. With a Nikon D850 using the in-camera conversion. Shot with Leica M6.
  8. Start with a M2. Perfect design and functionality. It's the peak of perfection. Leica could have stopped producing other cameras after the M2. Nothing more to add or take away. But that's not how the economy works.
  9. Munich, view on main train station from Hackerbrücke, 7Artisans 28mm, M240, f4, 1/30 sec., ISO2500
  10. Dear community, Ist there a reasonable way to measure the different shutter speeds and their accuracy on your M without any special equipment? I want to estimate if a M camera needs service. I saw some apps that measure the time via the noise the shutter makes, but this did not seem very reliable to me. Any other suggestions? Thanks Markus
  11. ... was ist ein 'floating lense element' und was bewirkt es? Für eine Erklärung wäre ich dankbar.
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