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  1. I suspect that they have reserved most of the bodies for retailers and have only a select number set aside for the upgrade program. I suspect they are allowing the upgrade to happen at cost, so they can't afford to endanger their sales stock to fulfill the orders, hence the delay. Jeremy
  2. Thank you for the input. While the corrosion issue is one thing, the white blanking is another and makes me wonder if a USD 1500 is worth it. I don't use this particular body too often so it will be hard to justify expending so much on something that might not even work. I will contact Leica, but expect that they will point me to the upgrade program. Jeremy
  3. Well my M9 went from okay to bands to near white-out in 5 frames. I am guessing it's a paperweight now. There are with the WATE, but it is the same with the 35 Asph 'Cron. Out of curiosity, is it sensor failure or something else? At least there is my M7 and M-Z adapter.
  4. 180mm 'Cron on a Nikon Z6 via adapter.
  5. I did manage to rebuild my two battery packs with the replacement cells. Not to tough a job, but I did discover that I had 2 variations of the battery pack. The older pack had the cells in cardboard tubes. The newer pack did not have the tubes. The new cells charged properly with the OEM charger and after a few cycles gave me full power. Thankfully the pack opens with screws instead of plastic clips, so there was no issue with the disassembly. Jeremy
  6. I have the new Nikon Noct as well as the 50mm APO 'cron. Wide open they are basically the same optically, including CA. Of course the Noct is 2.1 stops faster and much bigger and heavier. The Noct is very impressive, especially in terms of BOKEH and sharpness. Handling wise, it is basically the same as my 180mm 'Cron; big and a bit awkward, but you can still manage it. The Noct isn't a street lens, but optically it is a top shelf offering for a normal lens. Jeremy
  7. It's too bad the 1.4x module is missing, as the 400/4 is the best combination optically, and the 580/4 is also a useful configuration. I use mine on my Nikon Z6 and with focus peaking and great high ISO performance, they are easier to use than they ever were with my R8. Nikon Z6, 560mm/5.6 APO
  8. The R8/R9 motor drive uses NiMH chemistry, 8 cells per pack. They ARE NOT AA-sized (LR6). They are HHR-150AA batteries (from the label inside the pack itself. You need the ones that have flat tops as the metal conductor strips need to be soldered to the cells directly. They are 1500 mAh rated. I have some on order from Digikey and as of today, cost about $25 for a full replacement set. I am fairly handy with a soldering iron, so will be doing the repair myself. Here is the link. Jeremy
  9. I converted my 100mm APO with the leitax adapter with the diaphragm tab and it works quite well. The tab makes it easy to slide the lens wide open to focus and then quick stop the lens down to shooting aperture. I use it on my D700 mostly, and the limitation to manual exposure isn't a problem with the macro work I do with the lens. I use live view for critical focus, but haven't had much trouble focusing it through the viewfinder either. Jeremy
  10. FWIW, color fringing is pretty easy to fix in post processing. I don't know much about Canon, but I have a nice range of long Nikkors, mostly longer AIS versions and they tend to have a bit of CA with higher pixel density cameras, but they clean up nicely and are sharp. Of the Nikkors I've shot, the 200 f2 VR is a lens in it's own caliber and equal to be the best of my Leica glass both in sharpness, BOKEH and CA control. I understand that the new Nikon 400 and 800mm lenses are phenomenal as well, however you pay for that. JCA
  11. When my APO Telyt 1.4x focus module went into Leica for service, it went to Germany through NJ. I think it took a couple of months, but I was gone at sea during that time, so I am not sure of the exact time for the repair. It was also just a fairly simple dis-assemble and clean, no modifications. JCA
  12. The black knob on the focus head is indeed to rotate the lens from landscape to portrait or anywhere in between. It is a fantastic lens when it is working correctly. Of course the problem to discover is if the issue is in the focus module or in the lens head. Without another focus module, it will hard to tell. JCA
  13. I don't shoot too much color negative film, but when I do it's usually Portia or Ektar. I prefer chromes. For your expressed needs, I'd shoot some Provia 100F slide film. It's a nice emulsion, especially with the Leica Glass. JCA
  14. If you really want fast for M43 format, you can always look to the VC 42.5mm f0.95 lens. They have 3 of these f0.95 lenses now, 35mm equiv of 35mm, 50mm, and now 85mm. MF only which is the big drawback. DOF is about equal to the f1.4 lenses but with better than 1 stop of light gathering capability. JCA
  15. With the recent addition of a T-OR Ocular, I now have a "Leica Telescope." This particular configuration of a APO Telyt-R 800mm f5.6 provides 64x magnification with the 12.5mm ocular. I estimate the FOV to be about 40' of arc based on the view of the moon. It was strong enough to take a nice look at the rings of Saturn and a detailed view of the moon's surface. Attaching the ocular to a 90mm Summicron makes for a nice 7.2x monocular that is far easier to handle. JCA
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