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    On B&H there's a nice bunch of user photos (for the 85mm Lensbaby at least). I did notice a couple had ugly fringing, just like with the Thambar it is possible to get ugly bokeh, in my opinion. But with care, as we've seen above, it can make emotionally charged photos. Ideally you have a willing model to put a lot of time into perfecting how you use it for portraits, LOL. I do like my Summarex a lot for carrying around, and use it a whole lot more often than the Thambar.
  2. Gerbs


    You could probably get a lens for Canon or Nikon and use an adapter to M. I have used an old manual Nikon F lens on my M, worked fine. Anyone have a Lensbaby Velvet for Nikon F, I could give it a try...
  3. Since you mention inkjet, have you considered writing on white paper, scanning it, and using it to make a masked overlay on your digital file BEFORE printing, so that your writing becomes part of the final inkjet print itself? The mask could be over a gradient if you need the text to go from white to black, for instance.
  4. I prefer the color version because it lets me participate in the scene more as a viewer. There's really only two things that bother me in this street scene: the chopped off bright orange (donation container?) thing at his feet is just too eye catching in a bad way, and the fact that he is tuning and not playing. The "crowd" in the window smiling and all makes a better reaction story if the musician is actually playing, I think. The B&W version becomes annoying, the lights above the musician are distracting, his legs disappear into the background so he is like a legless floating musici
  5. If you could've gotten the shadowed branch in focus... nice yin yang then.
  6. Hmmm. A lobster boat is kind of like a pickup truck! M10M, 1.4/50mm Summilux ASPH
  7. Clouds with an edge M10M, 1.4/50mm Summilux ASPH
  8. Heading out during the partial solar eclipse this morning M10, 4/135mm Leitz Wetzlar Tele-Elmar (1975)
  9. 23 minutes before maximum coverage of the partial solar eclipse M10, 4/135mm Leitz Wetzlar Tele-Elmar (1975)
  10. Near maximum of the partial solar eclipse this morning, 35 minutes after dawn M10, 4/135mm Leitz Wetzlar Tele-Elmar (1975)
  11. Looking north during the partial solar eclipse this morning M10, 4/135mm Leitz Wetzlar Tele-Elmar (1975)
  12. Partial solar eclipse, 6/10/21, four minutes after sunrise this morning M10, 4/135mm Leitz Wetzlar Tele-Elmar (1975)
  13. Lonely vetch M10, 1.5/85mm Summarex (1950)
  14. Lupine M10, 1.5/85mm Summarex (1950)
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