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  1. Less Moire? How is that possible with 24mp vs 47????
  2. Well, you have to remember that back then the SL was the only camera able to shoot 4K10 bits, or even 11fps mechanical.... that was really something (in addtion to the EVF) that left the competition in the dust back then, also for memory it was the most expensive Leica FF you could buy. But so what about the R3? I am sure the SL601 paired with SL glass can still provide an equal or superior image quality to this at everyday ISO and use case for what you describe as a hobbyist. I am sure your SL601 remains unbeatten in what really matters, at least to me: out of the box IQ, sheer durability
  3. Well the rangefinder alone "true price" to manufacture is around 800 euros, so no 😅. And you know that electronics are hard to cramp in that tight body (the famous folded motherboard of the m10, the legendary mircolenses to bend light on the edge of the sensor on the M9 etc.... especially on top of that it seems Leica has changed sensor manufacturer for each generation of digital cameras after M8/9 (Kodak USA) M240 (STMicroelectronics Belgium-France...).... M10???? SL2 (TowerJazz, Israel?) SL2s (Sony)... and at small volumes so sadly, the digital M remain expensive on top of all the marketing
  4. I can tell you which ones to avoid tho: The phoblographer's articles are utter dogsh💩t.
  5. Thsi happened before at Wex, beware. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4491601 Surely the S1 mkII is nearer than the initial lauch of mk1, but who cares, really. Edit: I do b/c I would love to have a S1H II....
  6. SL was the most expensive FF Leica you could buy from new, and it's easy to understant b/c it was an all new line, all new mount, all new optics....etc. SL2 is builidng on this and a lot of cost-cutting thanks to panasonic buyings some of the parts in bulk and then Leica takes what it needs to make-adjust-fit- some of the insides of the SL2. SL2-S uses a 3yo plus Sony sensor and all the money spent on Steve McCurry for the SL2 launch doesn't need to go out again.
  7. No such issue on my copy.... battery stains where it was when left unused in camera for a few days...
  8. Can someone please just leak the SL2 Beta FW already,?1.... or I do it lol 🤐
  9. Sign up for beta-testing and next time you can get it months in advance lol....
  10. Not entirely sure the Capture One x Leica Fanfare applied to SL601.....
  11. @jrp idk to be fair there is no disclosed infos in my post... and what I may or may not have seen is probably different in the definitive version.Any one from the forum can let the admins know they would be keen to help, I believe you can fill this in your forum member profile section. Leica stated the FW improvement will come to the SL2, no mystery here. Probably some further corrections backloged to the SL2s at the same time? It's a small company, and its the most complicated cameras they ever put on the market... so they want it to be good and remain relatively easy for their c
  12. Leica SL lenses used? On my 24/90 i am good until 1/4 and below. I was beta-testing the future firmware... it's gonna come out, eventually.
  13. Past the first 3 lenses from the front I see more differences than similitudes for respective proportions, positions (close or cemented together) and curves in that glass to be honest. Besides, computer aided-design can only give you "so many" different formulas whether you run in from your PC in Germany, France or Japan... it's up to the human to add compromises to those "perfect" computer generated optical designs to reduce size/weight/cost and do the balancing act between this and the optical quality you are willing to make your targeted audience carry/pay for. That's why seemingly "perf
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