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  1. @jrp idk to be fair there is no disclosed infos in my post... and what I may or may not have seen is probably different in the definitive version.Any one from the forum can let the admins know they would be keen to help, I believe you can fill this in your forum member profile section. Leica stated the FW improvement will come to the SL2, no mystery here. Probably some further corrections backloged to the SL2s at the same time? It's a small company, and its the most complicated cameras they ever put on the market... so they want it to be good and remain relatively easy for their c
  2. Leica SL lenses used? On my 24/90 i am good until 1/4 and below. I was beta-testing the future firmware... it's gonna come out, eventually.
  3. Past the first 3 lenses from the front I see more differences than similitudes for respective proportions, positions (close or cemented together) and curves in that glass to be honest. Besides, computer aided-design can only give you "so many" different formulas whether you run in from your PC in Germany, France or Japan... it's up to the human to add compromises to those "perfect" computer generated optical designs to reduce size/weight/cost and do the balancing act between this and the optical quality you are willing to make your targeted audience carry/pay for. That's why seemingly "perf
  4. I don't think there is a way to to this, unless you are using floating Auto-Iso with one of the variable aperture zoom. On my SL2(not s), when shooting Log, I get the better results at tne 400ASA (lowest) settings and 3200ASA. Therefore when shooting video in Log, I treat the camera as a Cine-Camera: Most are -truly- best-usable with a single sensitivity (Arri Alexa:800ISO....) or a dual setting (high-low) when fitted with a dual-base-iso circuitry: Sony Venice: 500 or 2500... FX6: 800 or 12800. For this camera, when set to CINE EI, you can't venture outside of either of those values. For
  5. The beta testing is over I can tell you this lol
  6. The first scuff always is heart clenching, but then it becomes a nice patina. I like the look of this one
  7. SL2 @12800 iso. Scale it down to 24mp and light denoise and it is good (for me) up to that point. Click for more detailed image.
  8. Niice one ahah To be fair, Leica cameras can have actual (cool) names, but they are usually internal code names to cover upcoming developments. The first monochom is "Henri" - for obvious reasons.... First Leica T was "Tyhoon" I believe.... it did invent the L mount after all. SL2 is, if I recall correctly, " Vader" 😎 so I am sure you can call you blacked out SL2s that way lol
  9. @MITDelayIf you shoot still, then yeah absolutely the SL2s takes the cake:). What lens do you have with it? And yes colors are wonderful, and if you dont want the hassle of raw that is defitively the right choice IMHO
  10. @BernardCHmmm.... I would rather say I am pretty sure the 47mp SL2 downsamples its FF to get the 14ms rolling shutter performance... and that's also what gives the weird processing-induced alliasing more pronounced in this mode... IMHO. Scanning all those Six-Thousand lines vertically and oversampling them would take more time and give us a lot of jello, in that respect the SL2 does better than the S1H, for example (about 22-24ms rolling shutter in FF for the later). For all the rest, obviously the S1H is a (much?) better video camera. The 5K mode is true pixel-to-pixel, and do not suffer f
  11. Leica told early reviewers it should be oversampled on the SL2s in FF mode. Leica call it "pixel mixing" which is not very clear. One benefit of that is the excellent rolling shutter speed of that camera (14ms FF, below 10ms in s35). For the SL2s, in s35, the pixel readout/display is nearly exactly the same so you can consider it a pixel-to-pixel mode. There Leica calls it "full scan"; which can mean either pixel-to-pixel or oversampling. The denser SL2 sensor (47mp=8K) uses downsampling (with a mix of line-skipping, pixel bining? = some aliasing due to processing...) for its FF mode
  12. much better for video work... adnt he abitlity to choose from 90 degree to 360 and beyond is great.
  13. Pelicans are great to trash around and shelter your gear from apocalyptic conditions and rain. To carry around and take your camera/in and out like you would from a regular photo bag? Not so much. Foam will eventually dry and desintegrate after a (long time) but you can switch for other paddings.
  14. No you did not. It surely is Leica's way of babysitting people relying on Auto to get foolproof results... (auto is 100-6400. You can change max value but not the minimal one). If you want to go 50iso; you have to know highlight clipping comes early and to brighten up shadows in post..... if you wanna 12500iso and above; you have to know you may get cleaner final results with a bit of denoise+oversampling in post if needed/to taste.... and most if not all image noise will gently blend into the paper grain when printing anyway. Casual use of your SL2? Use the nany modes (Mode P, iAF, iD
  15. It's coming, don't worry and its gonna be nice.
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