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  1. Owning a Leica is Gods way of telling you you’ve got too much money. I read these wise words recently and it set me thinking. I’ve arrived at Leica through Nikon and Fuji. Rationalising that Fuji was the ideal combination of QI and compact while still being able to feed and clothe the family. The urge to own a Leica has always been there fuelled mostly I think by nostalgia and history , (reading magazines from the 50s when I first started taking photos and Leica ruled ok.) Long story short I bought a couple of Leica lenses for my Xpro3 and then the infection got worse and I now use a Q. My condition can only get worse and I wonder if I could understand the condition better whether I could recover?
  2. Just started using BBAF with my Q. I always used it for wildlife with my Nikon but have come to appreciate it more with the Leica for general photography. It gives that element of control that almost replicates manual photography without slowing down the process of creating the image. My question is how many of you use it?
  3. Surely the data provided by Lenstip uses a common testing methodology or their wouldn’t be a point in testing. They are the only site I have been able to locate that does just that. They publish an article “How we do our tests” on their site. It doesn’t include a ‘hundred kilos of marble and steel’ Andy. But it does use a tripod and common methodology. Even though Fuji cameras are handicapped by their APSC sensors their lenses would appear to knock Leica lenses into a cocked hat. I still can’t see a justification for spending 10 Times the cash to purchase a lens that struggles to compete in terms of resolution capability. I can see why Leica have a proud heritage they led the field for many years but I suspect they now rely on a “Kings suit of clothes” mentality generated by a marketing department that relies on hyperbole rather than hard data. I have been racking my brains to think of a literary quote in reply to your Oscar Wilde Andy but the best I can do is: ‘The King is in the altogether, the altogether, he’s altogether as naked as.........”. ( Walt Disney )
  4. A common theme that’s emerged over the course of this discussion has been the enjoyment of using a Leica. That enjoyment seems to centre on it’s technical simplicity and back to basics appeal. However the original subject was centred on the respective Optical quality of Leica and Fuji lenses. Aden’s point previously that the Fuji lenses have to work 1.5 times harder than Leica lenses due to the APSC format is well made. The more recent Fuji lenses (over the past 6 years) do indeed exceed that margin and exceed the performance of corresponding Leica lenses by 60%. I am relying on the data provided on Lenstip and as has been pointed out there is a real paucity of data on Leica lenses generally. That in itself is surprising as a manufacturer that charges up to 10 times more than Fuji would hopefully have nothing to lose by demonstrating their superiority. The fact that lens design has been substantially improved over the years by the ability of designers to crunch the millions of calculations by computer programmes may well provide a clue. The simplicity of Leica lens design, particularly pre ASPH, is in no small part due to the pre computer age technology with which they evolved. They were top of the pops up to the 50s and 60s but over the past 60 years their ability to compete with Japanese manufacturers has not kept pace All the available evidence would seem to suggest that Leica lenses are solid and well made but so are Fuji Fuji have the advantage that they are optically superior
  5. Many thanks for your wisdom guys. I can see the argument for using the camera you love and enjoying your photography. I think my personal passion for Leica cameras is driven mostly by nostalgia. All the great photos shot as I was growing up were shot with Leica. I also have a love for compact well made objects. However I find being suckered by marketing jargon that obscures honest comparison leaves me less than happy. I think Leica cameras appeal to my emotional side but my rational side has reservations. I suspect guys who claim Leica are a class above other makes are possibly a little more emotional than rational. Because it costs 5 to 10 times more doesn’t mean that it’s any better if there’s no data to support the view but if it answers some emotional need then hey what’s money got to do with it? As a Yorkshireman I am atypical in being “canny with a Bob” and the thought that I spending 5 to 10 times more on something that isn’t any better in technical practical terms has me waking in a cold sweat. I would really like to buy an M10 because I’ve always coveted one but Mr Rational still isn’t convinced by terms like: special colour, 3D pop, and different class.
  6. Thank you for your interest in the question. Could you recommend some more reliable sites that do comparisons of image resolution. Many thanks. Mike
  7. Having been a fan of Leica for fifty years and owning a number of non-M Leica digital cameras I have recently developed the Leica M “itch”. I am hoping to buy an M10 and a couple of lenses. I currently use Fuji cameras as well. While researching which Leica lenses to choose I compared their image resolution characteristics with similar Fuji lenses and the Leica lenses came a poor second to the Fuji lenses. Lenstip.com clearly shows a significant difference in their Image Resolution capabilities both graphically and in photo crops. Am I missing something in interpretation here. I would appreciate any help that the forum could give me.
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