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  1. I was at ISO 200 / Shutter speed 1/16,000 second / F1.7. There was a crazy lit up billboard behind me and I noticed in one of the shots that didnt have the banding that the lines on the billboard appear in the bokeh very similar to the banding in the subsequent shots if that makes sense....but what could it have been reflecting off of? I dont know, its very strange and the camera hasnt done it since but I am definitely keeping an eye on it.
  2. No this was straight on - I was standing right in front of her and had no sort of filter on the camera either. It shows up in the JPEG and the DNG files.
  3. Has anyone seen this or had this issue with their Q2M? Its really weird, this banding appeared on several of my pictures from yesterday (about 10 in a row) and then doesnt appear in pics I took afterwards. Anyone seen this or have experience with it? I need to send it off for the CLE anyway and this should be covered by warranty...I am just curious.
  4. I have the Q2 Monochrom and the SL2S and find them to compliment one another perfectly. I actually traded my Q2 (color) for the SL2S. Would i have traded if I didnt have the monochrom also...thats a tough question. I agree with most others here; they are two very different cameras. For what its worth, I SELDOM use the SL2S as a carry around camera. its pretty much for when I have something in mind that I want to shoot that would be better in color and not 28mm. I think the question is what are you going to use it for?
  5. Leica Miami currently has one that one for $3595 that has had the CLA recently and comes with a 1 year leica warranty....It doesnt say but I would imagine it comes with the box etc. I typically use them for a benchmark on used stuff...but for $500 extra, i would purchase from them instead of the other camera store.
  6. The SL2S and the 24-70 continues to impress me. Initially I had a bit of buyers remorse - all of the "cool kids" are shooting with M bodies...but in the end its all about using what works for you and with my eyesight I need autofocus. This being said, the SL sat on my desk for a while (the Q2M is my daily carry), but for a bit now I have forced myself to take it out on the street and it just works. Every time I shoot with it I'm impressed with the colors and the rendering of the 24-70. I would say to anyone who is hesitating to pick up the bundle, don't!
  7. Thanks for the input everyone! I think i am sold...being that it is a fraction of the cost of leica glass, and they dont offer this focal length I think I will pick one up!
  8. I searched and there didnt seem to be very much on this lens in the forum. I am really curious to hear people thoughts on the Sigma Art 105. I have the SL2s and have been shooting with the 24-70 for a few months now - once I learned my way around the camera I really love it. I am looking for a nice portrait lens though, and its just not in the budget at the moment to purchase Leica glass. I have gotten some killer portraits with the 24-70 at 70 (around aperture 3.2) and I am just wondering if my images will be comparable in quality (sharpness, color etc) or maybe even better. I know there were a bunch of rumors that the 24-70 was made by sigma anyway....not to feed the conspiracy theorists! Anyway - input and sample images are welcome! Please help!
  9. I am curious - why do you say it was a big mistake to swap the SL2 for the SL2s? I traded my Q2 for an SL2s (I still have a Q2M) and I have been really happy with it...although admittedly I havent spent a ton of time shooting with it. Just curious as to why the SL2 is better. I wasnt sure which one to get but I typically shoot in lower light situations so I went with the S.
  10. if you dont mind me asking - which lens were you using on this shot? I really like this!
  11. I have a Q2 Monochrom and a Q2 and I have decided to trade the Q2 for an SL2S. I was on the fence for a while and even contemplated an M...but I keep reading all of these wonderful reviews of the SL2s...then I stopped by the DC store and they let me walk around the block with the floor model (with the 24-70) and I am sold. I will be trading next week. I figure the SL2s and the Q2M is a great kit...
  12. Thank you so much for the replete response....this is fantastic info and insight. I am thinking if I do make a move, the SL system with M glass is probably the route I will go.
  13. I agree on all counts. I will say that the Leica DC store allowed me to toy around with an M10 with a 50mm lens and I was quite intimidated by how small the focus box is. As someone who wears bifocals, it was somewhat challenging to determine whether I had things lined up perfectly. I know there is the DOF scale...but I wouldnt want to have to rely solely on that method of composing / focusing. It may be best for me to stick with what I have...it could be GAS anyway.
  14. I absolutely love the way the light hits this part of DC around 8 in the morning.
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