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  1. I am curious - why do you say it was a big mistake to swap the SL2 for the SL2s? I traded my Q2 for an SL2s (I still have a Q2M) and I have been really happy with it...although admittedly I havent spent a ton of time shooting with it. Just curious as to why the SL2 is better. I wasnt sure which one to get but I typically shoot in lower light situations so I went with the S.
  2. if you dont mind me asking - which lens were you using on this shot? I really like this!
  3. I have a Q2 Monochrom and a Q2 and I have decided to trade the Q2 for an SL2S. I was on the fence for a while and even contemplated an M...but I keep reading all of these wonderful reviews of the SL2s...then I stopped by the DC store and they let me walk around the block with the floor model (with the 24-70) and I am sold. I will be trading next week. I figure the SL2s and the Q2M is a great kit...
  4. Thank you so much for the replete response....this is fantastic info and insight. I am thinking if I do make a move, the SL system with M glass is probably the route I will go.
  5. I agree on all counts. I will say that the Leica DC store allowed me to toy around with an M10 with a 50mm lens and I was quite intimidated by how small the focus box is. As someone who wears bifocals, it was somewhat challenging to determine whether I had things lined up perfectly. I know there is the DOF scale...but I wouldnt want to have to rely solely on that method of composing / focusing. It may be best for me to stick with what I have...it could be GAS anyway.
  6. I absolutely love the way the light hits this part of DC around 8 in the morning.
  7. Street Portrait with the Q2M Washington, DC
  8. Thank you! Unfortunately my friend lives in London at the moment and I’m in Washington DC. Maybe we could do a trial swap. Good to know about the release of the M11 - I may be able to use this info to sweeten the deal. I’m still curious about others experience with the regular M10 if anyone cares to chime in.
  9. Hey everyone - i contemplated trading my Q2 in for an SL2S and after much deliberation decided not to....but now a friend of mine is wanting a Q2 and offered to trade me his M10 (in great condition) for the Q2. I am and have been intrigued by the rangefinder system and being that I have a Q2 Monochrom, this offer is tempting. I am curious though, for those of you who own both a Q2 and an M10 (I think there are a few of you on here), how does color rendition differ between the two cameras? I dont have a lot of spare cash at the moment and am looking at picking up the Zeiss 50mm f1.5 if I do
  10. I cant speak for the UK - I live in the US (Washington, DC area). We rent and I added my cameras to my renters policy with travelers (for $38 a month). 6 days after we got the policy my car window was smashed and someone stole my Ona camera bag with my Leica Q-P in it....travelers not only reimbursed me quickly, but reimbursed me based on the purchase price of a Q2 since the Q-P is no longer available new. It took maybe 3 weeks but obviously I have no complaints...They also paid me for the bag itself and the various filters I had in it.
  11. Well said and very useful advice. When I shot Sony I had the Sigma Art 24mm and to be honest I loved that lens...hated the sony system but loved the lens. I found it to be a perfect focal length for architecture because of exactly what you said...I could control the distortion much better than a wider lens, and it was tack sharp. This may be something I consider for sure.
  12. I agree....i kind of figured that the 24-70 would serve several purposes and having an interchangeable lens camera would allow me to add something wider to the kit later on. They have that deal right now on the combo so I figured its a good place to start.
  13. I will definitely keep you posted. Thank you! I will likely make a decision next week.
  14. This is true - I was leaning more toward the SL2S though due to the fact that its said to be better in low light. Some of the places I would likely shoot will not be well lit.
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