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  1. Ich habe mir mal auf Reisen in Hongkong eine kleine Billingham gegönnt. Die ist jetzt meine Standard Tasche für die M10M mit bis zu vier Objektiven und Zubehör. Sogar ein kleines iPad pro passt noch rein. Ich glaube es ist eine L2. Sonst ist für mich bei bestimmten Brennweiten und Aufgaben der E-Sucher leider unerlässlich, sonst wird es nicht absolut scharf. Mehr spezifisches Zubehör brauche ich eigentlich nicht.
  2. Martin Munich

    M10M Munich

    First steps with the new M10 Monochrome in my hometown
  3. And just to complete this, today, my Visoflex EVF arrived and from what I did so far, I can strongly recommend this when using filters, especially the dark red. No unsharp pics anymore. Problem solved.
  4. Also depending on resolution and expectations. And physical ability too.
  5. Sure, the focus is slightly nearer with the 91 dark red and another mistake I made was probably that I used too long exposure times for a pixel sharp image. This is my first M and I also understand now why most of the M users I have seen so far use the soft button. Even at 35 mm it makes a difference if you are shooting at 1/90 or 1/250. With my Nikon DSLRs, I am usually still use the rule of thumbs 1/focal lentgh and that works even with a D800, that´s about the same resolution, but bayer sensor, however.
  6. OK, I just proved myself wrong, please forget everything I´ve said and see the following example as the final test with the 091 dark red filter on the left, no filter on the right. Used a tripod again, LV focus and now everything is sharp. Don´t know what I did wrong first time, my apologies for the confusion. All I can say now is, that the regular viewfinder is useless with the red filter. Gonna order the EVF now!
  7. The orange filter (040) on the left side looks very good now, this time used a tripod too and very short exposure times at f4.8:
  8. Can absolutely confirm your results. Will go for a yellow filter now too and see what the impact is on the M10M. Thanks!
  9. Yes I´ve tested everything, different focus settings, distances etc., no real change. And don´t forget its a 100% image of the M10M, 40 MP are slightly more than 24 MP. I can certainly produce a JPEG with 4K resolution that would be ok but that´s not what I am looking for with the M10M.
  10. B+W 091 and don´t forget the resolution of the M10M when you are looking at a 100 % screenshot.
  11. Sorry, but the cause is indeed the filter, since I also tried different focus settings, used LV as well as the app on an iPad etc. and this is as sharp as it could get. Doing this for 40+ years too. So I am sure there is no way to produce sharper images with this filter and this lens at least not with my M10M. The orange filter is not that bad but still not useful for me since I will make real large prints which is why I bought a 40 MP sensor cam and a set of the best lenses you can get on the market. Since this is really an important issue for me, I will also talk to the LEICA store her
  12. That´s actually what I was doing yesterday and the results were just BAD. The B&W 091 dark red produced no real sharp images (1.4/35 Summilux). So I made a test this morning and the results are shown in the attached screenshot (100% DNG with standard LR profile). On the left, 091 attached, on the right the bare lens, both at f8. I also tried a precise focusing on tripod, shifted the focus through the entire range, this is the best I could get. Stopping up leads to even more unsharp images. Will make further testing with a 040 orange. My recommendation so far: do not use col
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