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  1. very interesting and useful information. many thanks! /guy
  2. unfortunately these won't import into photolab 4 elite. in your research did you find out if the dxo crop unrestrained mode recovers the pixels from the full frame image? i understand photoshop will show the entire raw image, but i can't quite tell if dxo does or not by toggling back and forth between default and unrestrained crop modes. /guy
  3. i realize this is not at all what you're asking, but when i got a digital cl a few years back i got a lim's case for it and have been delighted with it. it looks great, they have a dozen or more options, it's one of the cheapest options for a case of any quality whatsoever, you can get one with a front grip (saving you up to $200), it has access to battery and sd card, and it has a built in tripod arca compatible plate on bottom. i really can't find a single bad thing to say about them because when i got a q2 it was the first accessory i ordered for it. well, not really--i tried two front grips first (one by leica) and disliked both of them. the one on the case works fine. i also got the square lim's shade for the q2 as i think the oem one is ugly--it looks like a snout! /guy
  4. even if you turn off the touch screen, it doesn't turn everything off and you can still swipe. but i carry my q2 the same way and don't have the problem. but also i tried the swiping and it took multiple tries and a lot of effort to get into the modes swipes take you to, so i mostly ignore them. maybe try adjusting your sling so it sits further back on your hip as to avoid the back and forth motion or adjust it higher or lower. i sympathize because my panasonic s1 wheels turn while carrying that way and i've found the exp comp dialed up to +5 at times. it took me nearly a year of experimenting to finally find a safe place for it to ride. /guy
  5. sorry, should have mentioned that. i have the lim's case and the square lim's lenshood. i also have the leica thumb grip installed but no handgrip since the lim's case has the built-in one. so a bare q2 might even be a better fit and might slide in more easily without any projections to speak of. /guy
  6. ... it's true. to buying camera bags. you can never get a perfect one and when you do then you buy a new accessory or a spare battery and then things don't fit. so i have dozens and dozens of them lying around and you'd think one i already have would work, but it never does. what i've been looking for for quite some time is a bag just big enough for the q2 and one or two spare batteries and a couple of memory cards for when i wanted to take the camera with me in the car and wanted a safer way to carry it until i put it around my neck. i tried a binocular case which proved just a little too small and i tried that very small billingham bag, but it has no room left over for anything and i really detest the flap closures on those bags--i wish i'd never bought any of them. anyway, this one popped up on the amazon pages the other day and the size seemed perfect and the price was so cheap i didn't mind trying it as amazon has a great returns policy anyway. it came in just now and the q2 fits perfectly in it and you can even put the supplied divider in to create a space at the lens end of the camera for at least one battery, maybe two. it also has a pocket in front with two divided pockets inside which has plenty of room for batteries, cards, and filters if you wish. the quality seems very good for the price as it uses a heavier canvas comparable to billingham or domke and a tag even says it's waterproof or weatherproof, although i don't think i'd test the claim--with everything zipped up i'm pretty sure it'll survive and light sprinkling though. there's a flap at top which zips up and then a cover over that which closes with velcro and the top cover is a little awkward, but no more so than the thinktank ones with magnetic closures. it comes with a wide shoulder strap and has a velcro belt loop on the back because it's so small you could carry it that way. i also found that my s1 with 85/1.8 lens would fit inside with just a little deformation around the 'hump'. it fits nearly perfectly if i wanted to put it lens down/back up, but i dislike that because you have to work your fingers around to dig it out. i always put my cameras in sideways with the 'handle' facing up so i can just grab and go. https://shrtm.nu/QY1A /guy
  7. i didn't pay full price and indeed got a bundle for $99 with it and much much more included. but the video isn't worth even a fraction of that because nearly all the things worth knowing (technical stuff and operating and configuring the camera) are in the overpriced book and in the free review. at least i think the review is open to anyone. if you already know the basics of photography it will bore you to tears as he wipes down a park bench with a handkerchief and takes a half dozen light readings and the included exercises are at the first grade level if you've shot for any length of time. hcb wept. /guy
  8. i tried to use one of my peak straps which i have for nearly all my cameras on the q2, but it just looked and felt wrong. but i've had the problem of too small holes on quite a few models and it was much worse a few years ago when peak used much thicker anchors. if you don't have the new style i'd get some of those as the first try. sometimes i've had success cutting about 1/3rd off a toothpick and using the blunt end to push the anchor through to get it started. good luck, /guy
  9. it's gonna take some time with the manual to get comfortable with how the /fn/ and the top right button are programmed as it's not immediately obvious--at least it wasn't to me. indeed, there is one function assigned for each button when you press it momentarily. when you long press either one you'll see 8-10 items which can be programmed to the button. simply select (enter) one of these and that will be the assigned function until you change it. if you'd like to change the 8-10 items to choose from, go into the menu and there's an item called, i think, custom functions where you can choose up to 10 (i think) items to choose from using the two function buttons. it's trivial to do this after you get used to the paradigm and how these items are connected. but the possibility for confusion comes from when you want to delete an item which is the default assigned function. you first have to 'reprogram' the button to another function before you can remove the previous default item. i assure you this will make sense after reading the manual section and doing some trial and error. /guy
  10. i have an iphone 12 and can attest that it is capable of photos so good even long time photographers can't tell them from the s1 and q2 photos i post to the internet. especially since the focal length is nearly the same as the q2. as others have said, just knowing the basic principals of photography means that your knowledge and experience count for much more than your equipment except for specialized photography such as macro where special tools are needed or maybe sports to catch moving action. these folks are also right that the q2 in full auto mode would rarely be better than a $150 point and shoot camera as you will lose the benefits of emphasizing the areas where it excels and you need to know some photo techniques to know how to deploy those. /guy
  11. yeah, i didn't describe it well. let's try again. if you have the top unzipped and try to pick it up by the handle which is on the flap, the magnet on the flap will separate and the bag will turn 90° and could spill your gear out on the ground or floor. i forget all the time that i've left the zipper open but i can usually correct things when i fell the flap give way when i try to lift it. if you're carrying it on the strap with the zipper open, the flap allows quick access and there's no issue. but i don't carry it often and just store the camera inside with the top zipper open and the flap closed. /guy
  12. i have camera systems in like 4 of the thinktank bags. the worst thing i can say about them is that the top handle depends on the magnets and can't be trusted. if you have the top zipped you're ok except you'll find it's dangling by the 6" or so of that top cover. /guy
  13. if you don't really care about protection over size, there are wraps and drawstring bags. i got a billingham binocular bag which is pretty small, but after 3 of that brand bags i realize i don't like anything about them. i ended up with a $20 tamrac which holds the q2 and a filter and a spare battery and memory cards and not much else, /guy
  14. it wasn't really that bad an experience when you consider i didn't waste $8k on the package! /guy
  15. ok, can't resist weighing in here as i have some recent data having taken advantage of a recent 'fire sale' and bought what overgaard sells for about $8k for $99. i for sure didn't need any of the photography tutor books or videos, but i wanted the q2 and cl material included and i thought i might look through some of the more advanced ebooks. but first let me say that before this, i bought one of his camera straps. i agonized for nearly a year over the price of well over $300 for the longer one. during the transaction i met one of or maybe his only representative---a super friendly canadian (aren't they all!) and was much impressed. as i was with the strap with which i could find no fault whatsoever and only praise. perfect length for sling carry, doesn't 'stick' to your neck and shoulders but slides perfectly as a sling strap should--i have one from 'rock island'? in greece which is nearly a clone, but is too short and sticks like glue and thus is nearly unusable. the material of the overgaard one is super high quality cowhide and imminently flexible to fit into any camera bag along with the camera. and there's nothing to mar up the finish on your camera as the leather protects the rings. now, having got the praise out of the way, i read a couple of the books--especially the q2 one--and watched 4-5 video classes. the books really said nothing that he hadn't already written in his hugely detailed and extensive review and that's free on his page. so, $100 for the q2 ebook would be a foolish purchase imo. the cl book was the same--review was actually better and in the books he throws in basic photo filler. the videos were pretty pathetic. masterclass is a huge misnomer. the ones i watched could easily have been covered in the first 3 chapters of any decent photography book. just for one instance, he goes to a park where the first thing he does is police the area and photographers changing the scene they're about to shoot are one of my sore points, but i'm a journalistic hcb style photographer, not an art photographer. then he spends like 10-15 minutes telling us how to white balance using a $300 tool for the job and, imo, literally not improving the shot from the auto white balance. he's lucky that bench didn't move. also, his presentation is droning and accented and i've found the scandanavian accents are natively sort of sing-song--at least to my ear. the haul also included dozens of presets for leica models for lightroom and capture one, neither of which i own or have the least interest in owning.. but i haven't written off the purchase yet because there are at least a half-dozen books which look promising and although i've been shooting for 55+ years now, i can always learn something new--especially since most of my experience was with film. /guy
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