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  1. the only time i saw the slr was when she had an upper strap (leica), lower strap (some sorta-polaroid looking ?folding? camera and a strap around the back with an slr and i only got a glimpse of it when she fell over backwards. if i had loaned that leica to the production i would have insisted a stunt plastic one for that! /guy
  2. i have too many fans blowing (over 100º for over 21 days now) to get subtle sounds, but i didn't hear a shutter sound which might be the most authentic of all as most of the time the shots were taken on a busy italian street. but the show had a photographic theme of a sort. her mother lived in italy about 30 years ago and 'hung out' with a professional photographer there who gave her the leica. when the daughter goes to italy at her dying mother's request, her mother's friends give her this camera and by the end of the show she is out on the streets with 3 cameras slung around her neck. so i'm sure that showing familiarity with cameras was part of the learning process to do the acting. sorry for the (quite mild) spoilers, but the show is worth watching if you like romances or romcoms or italian ambiance.
  3. crap! totally forgot to post the screenshot.
  4. 'love and gelato' on netflix. stupid but cute and i really liked it because i spent a year in italy and i could try to follow along with the italian dialogue. i'm not a collector or a historian, but i'm guessing something around an m4 era and a 50/2 lens. could be an m3 but somehow it looks more modern. /guy
  5. thanks! i had no idea there was a video tab anywhere. i'll look for it next time i have the camera out. /guy
  6. this was changed in a firmware update right after i got my q2 a couple years ago. afaik the only way to go into video mode is by swiping the lcd in some direction. i wish they'd kept the button as the swipe method isn't reliable and since i've turned off touch id i don't think of touching it in the first place. /guy
  7. he should know the focus peaking isn't much use on such a target and indeed the results aren't much use to the average shooter and those who wouldn't own a medium-format camera in the first place. sorry, i'm obviously not the target reader for this although i do like to read reviews for all types of things hardware and software. if i did have a monochrome and was wanting to justify the price by having it compared to another expensive camera with a rep for high quality, i'd likely be invested in reading it.
  8. i was only able to read the second part of his review by following your link and then blindly clicking stuff. his 'instructions' for finding it, even if you knew one was there, led me nowhere. i admit i don't have much patience for such websites that are so scattered in the first place. also, i lack incentive since i don't have much interest in the monochrome model. /guy
  9. strong scientific background eh? his web site seems unstructured and chaotic. his 'review' so far not impressive--he told us the strap would tangle up and he couldn't figure out how to set the diopter or eject the battery and that adobe could read dng files and not much else. if there was more to it than that, i was unable to find evidence on it on his site. /guy
  10. maybe you replied before my editing in a 2nd paragraph where i noted this exception. but it's good to know fotos doesn't prompt to save the settings file although i don't see why that feature couldn't be added. /guy
  11. the update process prompts and gives you an option to save the settings before proceeding. even if you don't think you care to or need to save your settings, this is the time to save your numbering system if that's your priority. i normally go a step further and duplicate the sd card on the desktop before applying the firmware update. and if you're not using the fotos update, you're gonna have to mount the card there anyway to copy the firmware update file to it. just copy the card before or after copying or moving the file to the card. /guy
  12. i'm a lifelong still photog but a half-dozen years ago when i got a panasonic gh5 i vowed to teach myself video. but i understand the paradigms of video editing even less than photo editing which i only rarely do. but mac monterey has introduced some easy editing right in the finder (including splicing in the quickview mode) and i've easing back into shooting some video. but i shot some video with the q2 on the c4k24p setting back when i first got it (which was the maximum before) and shot a whole night of fireworks with it and got results way beyond what i expected. i've shot casual short clips during the daytime which really didn't suck. so i was fairly happy with the quality before the update. i shot a 12 second test right away and even inside a dim room it is impressive. and now i can match footage (if i could edit, that is!) with the c4k30p output of my panasonic s1. when i get the opportunity i'll shoot the same scene with both and i'll have a comparison. i think leica way way undersold this feature which, given the lack of the b&w photo filters i wanted, is the best of the update. /guy
  13. i had a v90 card which failed at 10 seconds on c4kp30. but i've never trusted adata. both a sandisk extreme u2 and an angelbird v60 or v90 work fine. /guy
  14. the next question is whether and how much the new /idr/ function affects the exposure with out without using the highlight metering. /guy
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