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  1. I am not sure if this is still true, Video has evolved over the years and to implement the quality of video people expect these days may be a bit more complicated requiring additional chips etc. In addition video also requires sound. Providing poor quality video option on an expensive system like the M wont please anyone and would likley draw more criticism than not implenting it at all.
  2. I would be tempted to ask why the leica lens are so expensive, doubt I would get a very open response though. Expect he get asked it alot too
  3. Thanks, I have a few lens and this is the only one I exerienced the issue with
  4. I was tempted to go for the top ones being the Leica mostly due the smoother rendition of the background which seems smoother and consistent with shots i have seen from others. The allotment/gardening shots the subject has clearer seperation from background in the Leica shots also but i was not sure how much the compostion was contributing towards this, also the shots others had posted with the Nokton seemed to show smooth back ground rendition so i kept quiet😃
  5. Thank you both. I have found a couple of places I can contact in the collector-Historica forum as suggested. Does anyone have opinion on if the issue I expereinced is common
  6. I have an older version of the 50mm (Version 4 I think-See picture) that i have had for a while. There a couple of things i am not sure about. When focusing I find that for subjects up to 2m it back focus's slightly unless I compensate for it. For subjects further away it focus just fine. Aperture does not seem to affect it. I seem to be able to unscrew the front section of lens (In front of focus lever/barrel)- is that normal? I assume the lens may need servicing. I am not sure where to go to get that done. I live in the UK
  7. Is there any particular reason the that the exposure information is so limited in the rangefinder viewfinder. Sometimes its nice to know how much you are underexposed by or shutter speed. I assume it is to minimise distractions in viewfinder.
  8. sounds like a good idea, when things ahve calmed down
  9. My house backs onto Alpine street! Smal size and weight of Voigtlander makes it very appealing, from the other pictures i have seen it looks good. Other fast 50's (under F2) are bit heavier and bigger. Used to have the Zeiss sonnar but the minimum focus distance was a bit fustrating.
  10. Yes, I live close to the centre of Reading (of Southampton street) so recognised a few of the locations.
  11. I am quite intersted in the ne Voigtlander, seem to be on pre order in the UK in most shops i have looked at. Look forward to your review. Alot of your review shots for the TTArtisan appear to be taken pretty close to where I live.
  12. Its a shame to hear this, went there earlier in the year just before the pandemeic shut everything down. The staff where helpfull and nice which i was a bit surpised by considering the location and you have to ring a door bell to be let in.
  13. How do people using a lens affected by focus shift deal with it? Do you avoid using Appertures that are affected or do you shift the focus to suit. I have the 35mm Nokton, I find if i shift the focus a bit after focusing it helps but its not very accurate. Does the distance to subject make a diffrence. Thanks for article interesting and useful.
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