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  1. Thanks. I'll see if he is interested in some of my repairs and projects: I am keen to adapt some lenses to the Iic enlarger I just got (e.g. 60mm S-Orthoplanar and 90 APO Companion) if he is interested in a challenge! The former should be relatively straightforward but the latter might need cutting a new cam. If Kienzle can adapt 2 types of Schneider 60 and the 100 lenses it should be possible. I have asked them but got no reply... Adrian
  2. Hi Pete, Thanks for the tips: I did contact Kienzle but in the time it took them to reply I managed to get the part from a fellow selling broke down a parts Ic on eBay. Kienzle could certainly have supplied the part and I suspect they may have made the enlargers in the first place... Is Malcom Taylor still in business? I thought he had closed down. I did manage to get some cleaning done at Camera Repair Workshop in Milton Keynes though he couldn't completely rid them of haze. Still - did a good job at a fair price. A
  3. Hi, did you ever make those filter holders? I could certainly make use of both types. thanks Adrian
  4. I am restoring a Focomat 1c (complete with Ilford Multigrade HLZ system) and all seems fine except it is missing one small but important part. I attach a photo of the part on another 1c as well as the bare spindle/screw on mine. I don’t know what it is called but I’m guessing it is a roller bearing and is roughly 10mm in diameter. It supports the curved autofocus cam and without it I need to manually focus all the time. Now I am aware that Leica stopped support for enlargers some time ago but I wonder if anyone could help: is this a standard component I could source from a roller bearing s
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