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  1. Thanks Henry. Should I have a mold problem I'll be sure to give him a call.
  2. Henry, you've pulled off a couple of excellent images. Cheers to you.
  3. I wouldn't call it obstructed. To me it's a nice view. I agree with Al. The screen does add to the image.
  4. Sounds good Brent. It might take a few days to cook the potato so keep the butter and sour cream refrigerated.
  5. Washington state is famous for its WALLA-WALLA onions. I'll have to see if Jack has been over there.
  6. Louis, a guy named Jack found it growing next to a beanstalk.
  7. Idaho is famous for its potatoes. I had no idea they grew them so large. 🙃 X-VARIO
  8. Idawhat

    The Big Potato

    Idaho is known for its famous potatoes. I had no idea they are so large. ðŸĪŠ
  9. Not a very social group. ðŸĶ†
  10. Al, once again I've learned something. 🙃
  11. Nice image. To be honest, I had no idea what the plant looked like. The market is the only place I've seen it. It's always fun to learn something new.
  12. Thanks Henry. I was in no way trying to discredit Michael's opinion. It's just that I've seen hundreds of bald eagles over the years. I hope I didn't sound rude by disagreeing.
  13. Brent, you may be right. I didn't see hide nor hare of him. 🙃
  14. Nice image. I like it as it is. It shows the squirrels habitat.
  15. This is a juvenile bald eagle. I'm lucky enough to have seen many over the years. I think your image is of a hawk as you suspected.
  16. Every fall & early winter I see countless bald eagles both young & mature. I don't think this is a juvenile bald eagle. That said, it's a good image. I enjoy seeing the voltage sign.
  17. Social distancing? 😀
  18. I've always enjoyed that story. In a way it was my philosophy at work. I would be criticizer for the amount of time I'd take to complete a project but later respected for its accuracy and completeness Turtle and the Hare.
  19. Mission Mountains, Montana. VL114
  20. That's funny Louis. I guess that would have to be a marsh rabbit !
  21. Henry, seems they were all sitting on top of a partially submerged stick. 😀
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