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  1. Looks like a fungus of some type.
  2. Hawks sure do have a taste for mourning doves. It's like raining feathers when a hawk intercepts one. It's an amazing but sad thing to witness.
  3. I'm always amazed by the image quality of the VL114.
  4. Vodka If you had 5 wives you would need this. 🙂
  5. I've always been one for sharing. 😊
  6. I can see California from my house. Well, not really but I sure see the endless smoke drifting up here in Idaho from their forest fires. It gets colorful at sunset.
  7. Have to wonder why it is locked to the bike stand.
  8. The best beach for mermaid watching.
  9. Tell me about it. It actually has saved my life. I've had to go back so many times that I'm now on a first name bases with the doctor. 😀
  10. I've taken images like this but with leaf trees in the foreground. I think Brent may have confused it with a colonoscopy scope image. 🙃
  11. All the images are very good. The last image has a most interesting appeal to it.
  12. Thanks Henry. Should I have a mold problem I'll be sure to give him a call.
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