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  1. Wonder why it's called skunk cabbage? Walk in an area there they are growing and you will figure it out quickly. 😬
  2. Amazing you pulled off the shot. You moving and the bird moving at the same time. Very interesting.
  3. X-Vario I image taken last Easter. Day old colt.
  4. Thanks Brent. I'm really enjoying working with them. They are not like horses. You have to change your whole approach taking care of them. The gray was from a wilderness area in northern Arizona. He spent a year in holding pens before I got him so he was use to seeing people, etc. The lanky brown one is a different story. He was rounded up down in southern Arizona in August 2021. Trailered to Montana a month later with a load of other burros. At that point he was health checked and vaccinated. In early Oct. he was castrated. I picked them up in late Oct and trailered them to my place in Idaho. With the brown one going thru capture, shots and castration in such a short amount of time, he was a very wild acting creature. I guess you could say he had some trust issues. I think if I went thru what he did I'd have some trust issues also. 😐 Meet Jethro. Not your typical looking burro.
  5. A friend and her horse. I think she likes him.
  6. Thank Hank, He is 31 years old. Like me, he's retired now. In his younger years he was a good cutting horse. When I picked up the two BLM donkeys last fall he would cut them. It was amazing to see him do what he was trained to do. The donkeys were less than pleased being herded into a corner of the paddock area. Everyone gets along now. 👍
  7. Glad you two enjoyed my story. BTY the sharpness of your image is excellent. Time for you to buy some firecrackers. 🙂
  8. Next you may see a fox.
  9. Brent, I saw it once. Years ago I was sighting in a rifle. I had a target set up at 100 yards. Looking thru the rifle scope I noticed an opossum in the target area. It was far enough away from the target that I would not shoot it when I fired the rifle. After firing the rifle I walked down to the target to see where the round impacted the target. On the ground near the target was the opossum. I thought it was dead. It looked dead. I poked it with the rifle barrel and it did not move. I could not understand what happened to it. It was not shot and I'd seen it alive. I went back to my firing position and looked thru the rifle scope to fire my next round. The opossum was up and walking away. It was a very strange experience to be sure. "Playing Opossum"
  10. BLM donkeys and my buckskin quarter horse enjoying some fresh pasture grass after a winter of stored hay.
  11. Brent, have you ever seen one "Play Opossum"? It's true, when very frightened they shutdown and look dead.
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