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  1. We had similar issue. Possibly, this thread could be of use: Eventually, the hood seized in place and needed to be sent to Leica for repair. Hopefully, your experience will be different than mine. Good luck.
  2. Leica fixed the problem under warranty. It now works better than before. No cause was given for why the lens hood became stuck. I did not follow up with Leica to get the reason for the failure. Guess I forgot in my excitement to run outdoors to take pictures. If it’s important to you, I will contact Leica? Let me know.
  3. Thank you for all the helpful posts. We were unsuccessful in freeing the lens hood. The Q2 was taken to the Leica store in Bellevue and they were unable to remove the hood, as well. It has been forwarded to Leica New Jersey. The repair, fortunately, will be of no cost to us. Exactly, what went wrong? Leica hasn’t told us yet. We will follow up with them shortly. The unfortunate part is the repair will take 3 weeks or longer.
  4. We did not know about this stop. We thought the threads were overly tight or defective. Those Leica guys always build in interesting features for us to learn about. Yes, to align the hood properly, it took some grit. Over time, this task became harder with the threads becoming less smooth. Currently, the hood can not be tightened or loosened even with considerable effort. We don’t want to damage the camera. There must be solution other than using greater physical force?
  5. The lens hood on my Leica Q2 has seized at an oblique angle. The threads have been rough for some time. We’ve cleaned the threads with delicate brushes of various stiffness and lens cloths. No positive results were achieved. The hood is now firmly stuck. Over the past months, we refrained from using any lubricant. Is there one that is Leica approved? We need to get up and running pretty quickly. Do any of you have any suggestions?
  6. Thank you for your post about an SL2 possibly being available at Glaser’s in Seattle. Your information was accurate and I was able to buy it on Sunday morning via Glaser’s online system.
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